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  1. David82

    I just want to scream

    Is it not just a freeze in nursing positions within the public sector?
  2. David82

    Medicals done / job worries

    Haha- I had the medical a few weeks ago over in Edinburgh as well. I work in the NHS and the tests they done for me I could have arranged myself for free. It cost me £404 so your one sounds a bargain. It will be all worth it though to be over there in the near future!
  3. I had my medical last week. the hospital use your HAP ID to send it directly to the folk at immigration
  4. David82

    Layout of Perth- where to rent?

    thanks everyone for the input. just can't wait to get there now.
  5. David82

    Layout of Perth- where to rent?

    haha yeah I know it rains in Perth but i think glasgow gets almost double the rainfall annually that Perth gets (some websites have it as 66% of the rainfall) hopefully the rain there isn't ice cold like it is here:wink:
  6. David82

    Layout of Perth- where to rent?

    thanks for all the replies. It gives me a few more areas to search out now on the map for accomodation. Hopefully get somewhere in the city. Freo looks good but one of the things I look forward to is cycling into work in the sun after cycling in torrential rain, strong winds and biting cold in scotland. I think Freemantle is just that wee bit too far out.
  7. Hi all I am looking to move over to perth in the next couple of months. I should complete the visa application process tomorrow for my 457 visa. I have a job with Hollywood Private Hospital in the Nedlands area of the city. I currently work in a hospital in Scotland and commute by bike to work which is a distance of 9 miles (18 mile round trip) and I plan on using a bike to get to work when in Perth. I am single and probably looking at renting a one or two bedroom place which is fully furnished. The two bedroom idea is so friends and family have a place to stay when they visit. I have looked at Perth accomodation and Mosman Park area appeals due to it's closeness to the beach and the fact it is only 30 minutes or so cycle to Nedlands. As I have only really looked at places close to the coast I am not sure where else would be good to stay. I would be looking to join sports clubs and be close to bars etc for going out. Can anyone recommend other good areas in the city to live- maybe close to nightlife, bars, cafes etc which is still within a cycle distance to Nedlands. Ideally I won't be spending much more that $400 a week on a rental. The cheaper the better though. Cheers
  8. Thanks Katie I spoke to Frank and they seem to be the cheapest. It is annoying that you can go on the website and look at all the prices for cover and then when you go to apply you find that 457 visa holders don't qualify for the cover. Frank is $75 a month but can be cancelled at any time and I can amend the date I want the cover to start so I can start it when I arrive and not have it covering me while I am still in Scotland. Any idea how long it takes to get a medicard issued when I arrive? As soon as I have that it looks like I can cancel my health plan and just take out an extras insurance to cover my teeth incase of any damage. The prices for the extras cover seem to be the same price as an Aussie pays which is good. The whole visa process seems to be rip off after rip off. I can't wait to just get there now and start enjoying being in the sun. Any longer and I'll start to think I should just have went travelling for 2 years instead and saved all this hassle and expense
  9. thanks for the reply. I am unsure as to what I need insurance wise. I don't have any health complaints at present so probably would only want to be covered in event of an accident and needing an ambulance and a few dental check ups a year. Once there can you cut back or upgrade your insurance cover fairly easily? also is it easy to swap providers as I am only looking to get the bare minimum before I go to satisfy the visa criteria and then I can shop around and get something better when I am there. I don't want to be lumbered with a rubbish policy (or a policy that is way too comprehensive) by signing up impulsively for one just now to get the visa. Last thing I want is to be tied to a provider who doesn't provide what I end up needing
  10. I have read numerous threads on here and the common theme is that people coming from overseas are stumped by the aussie health care system. I have read about medicare online and now I need to turn to people on here to ask them what my best option is for health care cover in Oz. I am in the process of applying for a 457 visa. I have my medical this week and then the final piece of info i need to give the immigration department is 'evidence that I have adequate health insurance in Australia.' It gives me two options. I can provide them with A signed health insurance letter from a health insurance provider OR Evidence of adequate health insurance (including travel insurance) to cover your initial stay in Australia, provided you will be eligible for Medicare in Australia When I try to look at getting private health care it asks me details of my address in Oz. I am still in Scotland and haven't arranged any accomodation in Perth yet so I don't have this. In light of this should I just arrange a travel insurance policy and submit this as my evidence and sort out health care when I am there? As I am from Scotland I will be eligible for a medicare card when I get there anyway. By sorting out private cover in Oz I assume I won't be at any disadvantage or penalised in anyway for taking out a policy after arriving instead of before? In Australia are there advisors you can visit on arrival to go through all the various policies so that you can compare them all and see which one suits you better? Using sites like compare the market etc are confusing as they seem to offer all sorts of extras that I don't think I need. All I really want is an ambulance in an emergency, dental work and access to life saving treatment. I dare say if i take really unwell and was able to fly I'd head back to the UK. Likewise if my teeth were suddenly to turn manky I'd fly back to europe and get them fixed by the nhs at a reduced rate rather than pay a fortune to a private dentist in Oz at it would be probably cheaper to fly home. Has anyone experience of this? What would you recommend Thanks
  11. Thanks for the reply It seems that you are correct and that their are doctors in Edinburgh who are closest to me. Thanks
  12. Hi all. I have been nominated for a 457 visa by a Perth hospital. I am a registered nurse. I have applied for my visa through the Immigration Department website (IMMI account) and received an email asking for 4 further details Two are straight forward: !. I need to provide a certified copy of my passport- done 2. Evidence of registratio/ Licensing. I have a letter from AHPRA done The third I can work out from all the previous threads on here: 3. I need to provide evidence of adequate health insurance The 4th though is the head scratcher 4. I need to undergo a health examinations for my visa. The website is saying that the panel of physicians are based in London- did people from the UK need to go to London to complete their medical? Living in Scotland this will be a bit of a pain! Also how much did this cost? I have all the stuff from my own GP/ Occupational Health saying I have been immunised against TB, The various strains of hepatitis, Polio, MMR, chicken pox, that I have been immunised against TB as a kid, that I don't have HIV etc. i take it that can't be used? Any responses are greatly welcomed. The email says I have 28 days to provide them with the information. Thanks