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    Legal Jobs

    No, you need to requalify. I applied to WALPB and was told I needed to study constitutional law as an academic subject and accounts and professional responsibility as practical subjects. I passed all these and then applied to be admitted. Hope that helps
  2. I will be visiting Perth on 25th August for 2 weeks and looking for somewhere nice to stay. I need 3 bedrooms, near to public transport and near beach preferably. Anyone recommend somewhere?
  3. Racmac

    accommodation for holiday

    max of $150 a night.
  4. Racmac

    Perth lawyers

    Does anyone have friends or family that are lawyers in Perth? I need a lawyer to support my admission to practice and I'm struggling to find anyone. Help please!
  5. Racmac

    Nedlands area

    Hi everyone. What can anybody tell me about Nedlands area? Cost of housing ? Schooling? Facilities etc. many thanks