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  1. work needed

    Stuck for work if anyone can help. Thinking of doing a apprenticeship but not sure what road to go down.
  2. need work

    I go over on Sunday so will find out more info when I'm there mate. Cheers
  3. need work

    I've also heard that you have to be retrained does anyone know if this is true and if so the course names and prices. Thanks.
  4. need work

    Going over next Sunday. I don't think I'll have a problem once I'm over there I was just trying to secure before I was over.
  5. Schools

    Cheers Ali, I'll give it a look over the weekend.
  6. Schools

    I'll have a proper look at the weekend thanks for the help.we Don't know if we want private or not
  7. Schools

    I'll have a look online now cheers jase.
  8. The Pound vs Australian dollar

    Let's hope it does improve hopefully January.
  9. Schools

    Hi, I have 2 kids at the age of 15 and 10. could anyone recommend any decent schools south of the river.
  10. need work

    I work in England as a telecommunications technician my role is to rod,rope and provide subduct for fibre to be blown. Just wondering if there's any work as I come over the beginning of Feb.