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  1. We are in the same situation, except that our kids have left the nest. Definitely easier when the children are in school / college. We are building in a different area to where we have been living for three years and hoping that we will meet some friends at last then. Also both "bosses" at work so difficult to socialise with people at work. Think that we have forgotten how to make friends!!
  2. How exciting for you! We are building just north of Joondalup and will be moving next June. The area is very good, lots of people from UK in the area. Excellent transport links to the city and good schools and shopping locally. We have friends in Currambine and they love the area. Hope all goes well with your move !
  3. We have been here three years and haven't made any friends outside of work colleagues. Beginning to think it is us ? We are a married couple from the UK (hubby originally from South Africa) with grown up children overseas. Would love to get to know other couples or ladies wanting a shopping or coffee mate. ?