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    Use Visa Agency or not?

    Thanks for your replies. Go Matilda seems to have good reviews so we have contacted them for a free assesment/quote. We will be applying under my role as an anaesthetic technician. I believe this is on the CSOL list. As a second question: does this mean we are only able to go with the 4 year sponsored visa (457)? If so what happens after the 4 years? Thanks again in advance
  2. Gary J Searle

    Use Visa Agency or not?

    Hiya, Looking to relocate to Perth after we fell in love with Australia on our recent travels. We want to start the visa application right away as we appreciate it takes a long time. Our main concern is do we use a relocation agent to help us with the whole visa process or do we just do it all ourselves? We have been told that we are suitable for the a state sponsored visa. Can anyone recommend a good reliable and MARA registered company that could help us? Thank you for the advice in advance! Sofi and J