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    New Year, New country, New life

    No experience....But if Perth is where you want to come and live there go for it....We have been here since July and have never looked back.... The job market is hard but there are jobs out there..
  2. LouLouSkippy

    Northern Suburbs Making Friends

    Hey guys... Also keen to meet new people..... we have been here since end July.... It took my husband 2 months to find a job and his an Accountant.....You just have to keep applying and going through the painful process of interviews and rejections until you hit lucky... I was lucky to pick mine up in a month...Both our jobs are not our dream jobs...And we both found you have to downgrade your skills to gain the Aussie experience to climb back up the ladder again ( if that makes sense)....It's worth it for the Aussie lifestyle the kids and us are having so much fun...x
  3. LouLouSkippy

    pre kindy - mullaloo

    Following this as will also be looking for my 3 year old daughter!! There does seem to be a few private nursery's around...
  4. LouLouSkippy

    Landed !

    The goodbye parties are definitely getting harder..... We are kinda in limbo at the moment... Can't wait for our life to start in Australia... But at the same time realise how much we are going to miss friends and family! Need to think about packing suitcases soon!
  5. LouLouSkippy

    Whats been the best flight deal?

    Well myself and Kids are flying with Malaysia Airlines!! and hubby Singapore... They were both the cheapest carriers on the days we wanted to fly and the shortest stopover...I know alot of people are nervous with flying with Malaysia but they are part of the one alliance group and code share with BA.. I will let you know my experience once we land!!
  6. LouLouSkippy

    renting a house in perth

    We are waiting until we get there to seek rental accommodation.... We have a fully furnished house for 8 weeks...and will go from there...think it would be hard to find permanent long term rental from the UK!!
  7. LouLouSkippy

    Landed !

    Wow.... That...went quick.. 5 weeks left until take off for us... Glad you have arrived safely and found the beach!! Keep us posted...
  8. LouLouSkippy

    Perth Nightmare!!!

    I feel for you...but hang in there its early days...I know getting a job is a big part of the emigrating process and yes it's sure going to stress me out but think about the reasons why you have moved to Perth and what it has to offer you x Hope you get sorted soon.
  9. LouLouSkippy

    GCSE dilemma:(

    Have you ever thought about moving to another city in Australia? I know this is something we would definitely consider if it doesn't work outing Perth....
  10. LouLouSkippy

    Anyone from Ocean reef ?

    Pegg if you do end up leaving round this area... Let me know my youngest daughter is also three and is going to need a playmate..... She is use to being in nursery 3 full days a week... But I not planning on sending her to childcare for the 1st 6 months!
  11. LouLouSkippy

    6 month update

    All sounds good a promising for our move!! Where are you situated and did you find a rental place quickly or have you been able to buy a house??
  12. LouLouSkippy

    Anyone from Ocean reef ?

    Hey.... We are looking to locate in that area.... Currently looking at 3 primary Schools Currambine, Ocean Reef and Joondalup when we get there of course x
  13. LouLouSkippy

    A week to go until the big move

    Just remember the reasons you are doing this!! Family and friends will always be there for you.... Time to start your adventure!! Good luck...we are heading out there on 16th July x
  14. LouLouSkippy

    Selling house etc

    If you have family to stay with as soon as you can in my experience! We got the visas fairly quickly....
  15. LouLouSkippy

    Joondalup Primary School and Columbine Primary School!!

    Thank you I will be checking both the above School out!!