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  1. LouLouSkippy

    Car seats

    Everyone that lived here.. Lol and the lady when I eventually went to buy the booster seat for my daughter....( As that also has to have the anchor strap too) ... I was more than happy to keep my kids in their UK car seats if they were good enough for the UK they were safe enough here... Was my opinion.. They were not cheap car seats that we brought with us.. Maxi Cosi and at the time when we moved here it seem to me like just another expensive to replace them.
  2. LouLouSkippy

    Two years in and the Unthinkable happened!!

    Hey.... Sorry to hear this..... We have also been here 2 years... and are still living the dream... My son had his appendix out 2 weeks ago couldn't thought the public hospital system.... Was great. Unfortunately my daughter has been diagnosed with sociliosis so we are waiting at operation again on the public hospital system for that.... The only benefit for us if we had had hospital cover on our health insurance would have been my daughter would have seen a specialist a lot quicker and without me having to beg for her to be seen...(bit like the NHS there's ways to get round this) It makes no difference to the waiting list for the op to be private or public...
  3. LouLouSkippy


    Hi, Don't try and organise everything before you arrive is my advice... Day care is something like the UK, you need to visit in person to find the right place for your children... We had a holiday let in Currambine when we first arrived and have now settled and love Edgewater... We picked Currambine purely on being close to a decent swim club for my daughter lol....
  4. LouLouSkippy

    Car seats

    Hey, We used our UK car seats here for 2 years.... Was told they were illegal... But was never questionned by the police... Lol they actually fitted the car better than the Aussie ones lol
  5. LouLouSkippy


    Hey, I wouldn't bother enrolling them into a new school until the new year starts unless you need to for working commitments... I would use the time to visit and find the right school...I definitely agree with going private for High School...unless you are lucky enough to be in an area for a top state school... Have you thought of looking at Secret Harbour...? I know a few poms who live here and rave about the place..
  6. LouLouSkippy

    18 months in and things going well

    Hey... Not posted on here for a long time.... But some positive from us tooo. Like Louloubelle we have now been in Perth 2 years.... We moved into and brought our own house 6 months into the move... So the 1st year was kinda crazy... The kids settled into Aussie life very quickly but I think it helped being in sports clubs... (Private schooling is definitely the way forward for High school ) We live near to some of the most beautiful beaches Mullaloo. Scraborough to name a few and we have fallen in love with the Perth Hills and Swan Valley. We have made some lovely friends... Including Louloubelle (who we meet through the kids soccer lol...) Live the dream is my advice... Feel free to ask any questions you have....
  7. LouLouSkippy

    New Year, New country, New life

    No experience....But if Perth is where you want to come and live there go for it....We have been here since July and have never looked back.... The job market is hard but there are jobs out there..
  8. LouLouSkippy

    Northern Suburbs Making Friends

    Hey guys... Also keen to meet new people..... we have been here since end July.... It took my husband 2 months to find a job and his an Accountant.....You just have to keep applying and going through the painful process of interviews and rejections until you hit lucky... I was lucky to pick mine up in a month...Both our jobs are not our dream jobs...And we both found you have to downgrade your skills to gain the Aussie experience to climb back up the ladder again ( if that makes sense)....It's worth it for the Aussie lifestyle the kids and us are having so much fun...x
  9. LouLouSkippy

    pre kindy - mullaloo

    Following this as will also be looking for my 3 year old daughter!! There does seem to be a few private nursery's around...
  10. LouLouSkippy

    Landed !

    The goodbye parties are definitely getting harder..... We are kinda in limbo at the moment... Can't wait for our life to start in Australia... But at the same time realise how much we are going to miss friends and family! Need to think about packing suitcases soon! ?
  11. LouLouSkippy

    Whats been the best flight deal?

    Well myself and Kids are flying with Malaysia Airlines!! and hubby Singapore... They were both the cheapest carriers on the days we wanted to fly and the shortest stopover...I know alot of people are nervous with flying with Malaysia but they are part of the one alliance group and code share with BA.. I will let you know my experience once we land!!
  12. LouLouSkippy

    renting a house in perth

    We are waiting until we get there to seek rental accommodation.... We have a fully furnished house for 8 weeks...and will go from there...think it would be hard to find permanent long term rental from the UK!!
  13. LouLouSkippy

    Landed !

    Wow.... That...went quick.. 5 weeks left until take off for us... Glad you have arrived safely and found the beach!! Keep us posted...
  14. LouLouSkippy

    Perth Nightmare!!!

    I feel for you...but hang in there its early days...I know getting a job is a big part of the emigrating process and yes it's sure going to stress me out but think about the reasons why you have moved to Perth and what it has to offer you x Hope you get sorted soon.
  15. LouLouSkippy

    GCSE dilemma:(

    Have you ever thought about moving to another city in Australia? I know this is something we would definitely consider if it doesn't work outing Perth....