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  1. Letton Percival

    Removal insurance

    Hi Sue. We can indeed provide you with a quotation, via our online quotation form. However, if you have any particular queries about any aspect of arranging your own insurance for your shipment, please do not hesitate to contact me on ian.harrison@lettonpercival.co.uk. Kind regards. Ian.
  2. Letton Percival

    Container insurance - should I shop around

    Hi Steve. If you are looking for a competitive overseas removals insurance quotation, have a look at http://www.lettonpercival.co.uk. Whilst we have only recently joined the forum, our business has grown on the back of a number of recommendations across the various expat forums, and I am sure we can offer you something which will be of interest. Cheers. Ian Harrison.
  3. Letton Percival

    Shipping Insurance

    Sorry about being a bit late responding, but we have only just joined the forum. We can provide you with a competitive quotation, which you can get through our website http://www.lettonpercival.co.uk. You will see that Letton Percival have been highly recommended on many of the ExPat Forums. Should you have any specific queries, please do not hesitate to contact me, either through this forum of by emailing info@lettonpercival.co.uk. Ian
  4. Letton Percival

    Overseas Removals Insurance

    Insurance of your Household Goods and Personal Effects as you move from the UK to Australia. The overall cost of moving to Australia can be substantially reduced, if you decide to arrange the insurance of your Household Goods and Personal Effects through Letton Percival. Letton Percival have long provided insurance solutions and advice to individuals and families moving to Australia and other parts of the world. Whilst many shipments remain insured by the removal companies, more and more people are realising that the alternative cover provided by Letton Percival is easily arranged, insured with first class Insurers, and gives wider standard cover than the removal companies, at a fraction of the cost. Excellent customer feedback on both premium saving and claims satisfaction continues to be given across all of the expat forums, and as a result, a large proportion of business written by Letton Percival, is as a result of personal recommendation. With rates from 1.30%, new for old cover as standard, and mould and mildew and electrical and mechanical derangement cover included at no additional premium, Letton Percival is a market leader in this very specialised class of business. Go to our website, www.lettonpercival.co.uk, for a no obligation quotation, or for more information about insuring your Household Goods and Personal Effects with Letton Percival.