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    Car wanted

    Hi all. I'm arriving in Perth on 24/9 and will be looking for a cheapish car. I can spend up to 5000. I don't care what it looks like but it needs to be reliable as I am 18 and cannot afford repairs etc at the mo. Mum wants me to have an air bag so if anyone knows of a cheap runaround pref with an airbag, please e mail me, chug.nut@hotmail.com. My sister is in Perth and can always view for me before I arrive. Thanks.
  2. Hello All, thought I would use mums sign in (with her permission of course) to ask if anyone knows anyone who could do with an extra pair of hands (don't ask, don't get) doing anything. I am returning to Australia on 24/9 and will need work ASAP. I have retail and labouring experience. I'm still trying to work out what I want to do career wise long term and am hoping that new experiences will assist me with this. I am already looking for a car (family can view for me) so hope to be mobile soon after arrival. If you think you could help, please e mail me on chug.nut@hotmail.com. Thanks.
  3. daftdeb


    Don't know if this is any help but we lived in Melbourne for 5 years and when there enquired about fostering. This was around 2010/2011. The pay for foster carers there was nothing like what they get paid in the UK. It was something like $150 a fortnight! You might want to Google fostering WA and make contact to find out about payments. Can't help with plastering, sorry.
  4. daftdeb


    Thank you all for replying. I'm thinking that one of us needs to come over first, find work and then the other follow. I hate being back in the UK but the good thing about it is, it's made us realise where we want to be.
  5. daftdeb


    Is Ageism alive and kicking in WA? Hubby and I are in our early 50s, Australian Citizens, registered with appropriate bodies re employment (social work and science/math teacher). We have been living in Melbourne for the past 5 years but returned to the UK in November as my poor mum died suddenly and I couldn't cope with my dad being all alone in the UK. Anyway, that's sorted now and we want to come back to Oz by the end of the year but to WA as it was our intention to move there anyway. I'm just worried about work, especially as our age is against us. Can anyone let us know of their experience or if they have heard anything re employment for the over 50s and how difficult it can be. We would both be willing to do other things, infact hubby used to be a plasterer and has been doing quite a bit of plastering since we've been back. Look forward to hearing from anyone who can help.
  6. We were going to move to Perth at the end of the year from Melbourne but quite honestly, the level of crime I read about lately is really putting us off (I am certainly not saying Melbourne is any better). But we came to Oz to try a:nah:nd escape the gangs and the hoodies! Can anyone say what Bunbury is like? Is the level of crime as bad as it is in Perth?
  7. daftdeb

    Is it really this bad?

    I told myself not to read Perth Now anymore but I did today and read about a king hit and a glassing in Northbridge and also 3 out of control house parties involving huge amounts of teenagers brawling, damaging property and gate crashing. There was also a mention of a young man being pulled from his car in Hilarys car park and bashed and actually, I could go on an on. Being a very concerned mother of a 17 year old young man, planning on moving to Perth in December I am seriously thinking about abandoning my plans. Is Perth really this bad? When I lived in the UK 4 years ago it never seemed as bad as Perth. What's happening there. Is there something in th water?
  8. daftdeb

    Scared of moving to Perth

    Well, thanks everyone for replying. It's made me feel a bit better and more looking forward to the move. Thanks again all.
  9. daftdeb

    Scared of moving to Perth

    I regularly look on the Perth Now website to get the latest news re what's happening in Perth, but all I see lately is news about bashings, murders, attacks, violence, robberies and home invasions. It seems 10 times worse then any other state and a huge amount worse then the UK! Is there something in the water? Are we making a huge mistake by moving to Perth?
  10. daftdeb

    Where to live

    My daughter lives in Heathridge and loves it. I am in Melbourne but intend moving to Perth at the end of the year and will def. consider buying in that area. Look on the Real Estate website. I believe they list suburb profiles and ratings.
  11. daftdeb

    Crime in WA

    Thanks Ali and thanks Andy for your replies. You have helped put my mind at rest. I'm just an over anxious mum! Thanks again Deb
  12. daftdeb

    Crime in WA

    Moving to Perth later this year from Melbourne. Not sure where yet, probably NOR. My youngest son will be 18. Mixed feelings about the move but it is either Perth or back to the UK as can't settle in Melbourne. I am worried about violent crime in WA, especially as my 18 year old son will be wanting to venture out into the night life. From what I am reading, home invasions and bashings are only too common. Can anyone make me feel any easier about the move and please be honest. Maybe it would be good to hear from some of the younger members who are regulars around the bars and clubs. Thanks.
  13. Does anyone have a copy of the above that they would like to sell? My son is after a copy. Please PM me if you have. Thanks
  14. Hi, I am posting for my son Mark, 22 years, a keen Chelsea fan. He is wondering if there are any lads who meet up not too far from Scarborough on a regular basis for a kick about? Nothing too serious, just a bit of fun. Deb
  15. daftdeb

    HELP.....Any jobs out there????

    Hello Debbie Did anything come up for your husband work wise? My son (plumber) is having the same probs. He moved from Melbourne to Perth recently, has registered with every agency, he phones every job add and still nothing. He is phoning everything, labouring, factory work etc and nothing. What is a person supposed to do to get work over there? I hope hubby has managed to secure something. Deb