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  1. Thanks guys for your help, really appreciated ?? I’ll do anything at the moment just to get a foot in. I’ll have a look around the new development sites.
  2. Hi I have just recently moved to Perth under no illusion that the job market here is anything but great but desperately looking for work. I have had my own plastering business for 12 years but I am prepared to do anything to get a foot in the door. Any help/advice would be really appreciated as things are looking grim for me. ??
  3. Monks

    WA Skilled List slashed

    How would that effect applications already in the system do you think? ?
  4. Monks

    Can anyone help???

    Thanks Deb, it's a real help. many thanks
  5. Monks

    Can anyone help???

    Hi Deb did your partner do his AQF in the UK? I understood the TRA wanted so many years post AQF. Kind regards
  6. Monks

    Can anyone help???

    Thank you for you advice Deb. You just get told so many things, it's confusing. Can I ask where he did his AQF? Was it in the UK? Did they require so many years post AQF? Kind regards
  7. Monks

    Can anyone help???

    Thank you Rossmoyne! fingers crossed!
  8. Monks

    Can anyone help???

    Thank you everyone for your replies and advice! It's really helpful. Yeah we've spoke to a MARA agent but I came away feeling a little deflated. He holds a city and guilds intermediate award in plastering construction CITB. He's over 10 years plastering experience and has been self employed for the last 8 years. Hes fast approaching 40 so in order to get the maximum points I guess this is his last chance. I think I'll try the TRA and try and get to speak to someone. If you do the AQF don't you have to have so many years post qual?? Many thanks
  9. Monks

    Can anyone help???

    Hi We are having a bit of a dilemma. My OH is a plasterer and it's looking like he needs to go down the RPL route. Does anyone know of any centres in the UK that can assess him? We've spoke to an agent but he didn't tell us anything that we didn't know already. I don't think his certificate that he has is going to be useful but we need someone to confirm this or not. TRA tell you nothing. I joined this site thinking I would get some real advice but no one seems to be answering my posts which is such a shame.
  10. Hi thank you for that. I'd looked on the government website for Mara registered agents and was definitely going to use one but just wondered if anyone had any recommendations. I've read some bad reports about go Matilda. thanks for your advice
  11. Hi can anyone recommend a agent who has helped plasterers with skills assessment etc. thanks
  12. Monks

    Plasterers skills test

    Hi we are just about to gather information to go through the same process so I'd really appreciate the template letter if you don't mind. It'd be a real help many thanks