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    Air conditioning engineer

    Yeah am going to put one together and send them off and go from there
  2. Hi was just wondering what I would need to work in the air conditioning trade here in the uk I have my 2079 think it's the vetassess that I need just want to make sure it's right before I go ahead and book it
  3. Leehammy84

    Air conditioning engineer

    Hi thanks for all the feed back I really appreciate it all. have had a look at the rental of property and is expensive so will look on job seek and find some salary information on there
  4. Leehammy84

    Air conditioning engineer

    That's what I am doing but want to no if I could afford a good life for my family first as that's the point in me moving there
  5. Hi am looking for work in Perth near the carramar area been in the industry for 16ys now working on close control,vrv,splits,oil coolers,I have also done Abit of refrigeration cold rooms display fridges etc was just wondering what salary I would be looking at if anyone can help me. Am still in the uk at the moment just doing all the homework to get the ball rolling