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  1. Aerospace

    Hi you commented before on one of my post I'm trying to get as many companies as possible to contact about NDT work in Perth. I contacted ANDI but no response unfortunately. Thanks again for your response.
  2. Aerospace

    Anybody know of aerospace or motorsports companies within Perth area? Cheers for advice? Marc.
  3. Non destructive testing jobs

    Good advice, defiantly worth considering most of your information provided here.
  4. NDT companies

    Hi, Thanks for that. Ive emailed them.
  5. NDT companies

    Hi, Anybody know of any aerospace/motorsports NDT companies around Perth? Thanks, Marc.
  6. Non destructive testing jobs

    Ohh that's brilliant. Great advice. I will definitely be sending a email to ANDI this evening. Thanks again plimthing.
  7. Non destructive testing jobs

    Hi plimthing, very good advice. Im currently working in aerospace on alot of airbus products so this will be brilliant. I will have a look at the website. Do you work in NDT?
  8. Non destructive testing jobs

    Hi very stormy thanks for the advice my wife is just finishing off a social work degree at university so hoping that will actually get us our family visa :-D
  9. Hi I'm looking at emigrating to Perth, just wondering if anybody has emigrated and found work within the Ndt industry, is there plenty of job opportunities and is there a certain part of Perth wheres there's more Ndt jobs than others? Hope someone can help. Marc