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    I am currently a registered nurse. which do I apply for first ? If I do aphra first then do I only need a modified anmac test ? what can i use from columns a, b and c as I wouldnt have applied fro my visa at this point thanks
  2. luciew1

    Where to start ??

    Thank you all I'm general trained and an aged care nurse. Would anyone know if they are sponsor opportunities anymore ? I've been looking to apply for 189 pr visa
  3. luciew1

    Where to start ??

    Hi thanks both I am degree trained I will have a look at what points I have now
  4. luciew1

    Where to start ??

    Please can anyone offer any help, I'm completely lost. We are a family of four and are keen to emigrate to Western Australia. I am a nurse with 8 years experience. I am lost on which visa to apply for or where even to start. I know I need to apply for APHRA and ANMAC. Do I apply for these first then the visa ? Can anyone recommend which visa I would be eligible to apply for ? and any ideas on length of time taken for visa application ? thanks