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    Hi.. I am a registered nurse from Singapore (with 3 years diploma and 1 year top up degree in nursing) plus 4 years working experience. I applied to ANMAC in April 2015. They replied to me sometime in May 2015 to say that due to some changes at ANMAC they cannot process my application until I obtained AHPRA registration. ANMAC said they will put my application on hold for 2 years and issued me a reference no. So in June 2015, I applied to AHPRA and in January 2016 was granted in principle registration. Thereafter, I went to AHPRA office in Brisbane to be fully registered. My name now appears on the AHPRA register. On 11th February I went back to ANMAC with my reference no. and they are now processing my application. That's just my story....