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  1. Walmerironman

    Early 50s couple looking to make City friends

    Welcome to Perth. We live in Duncraig, about the same age. Drop us a line and maybe have a coffee.
  2. Walmerironman

    One month in!!

    Hi. Glad to hear it's going well for you. We are in Duncraig if you ever fancy a catch up. Bryan and Nanette
  3. Walmerironman

    Meet new friends

    Hello everyone Do you fancy a chilli or a spag Bol? Nanette and I would be happy to cook a big pot this Saturday evening, we have two sons,13 and 16. We need some social get togethers. We are in Duncraig. Thanks Bryan
  4. Walmerironman

    Meet new friends

    We would be! In Duncraig, having a run of bad luck at the moment, so could do with some Pom humour. Around all this weekend.
  5. Walmerironman

    The Beat and The Selector

    Hello I still have the tickets, make me an offer, remember Two Tone for one evening and stomp your feet to The Beat!
  6. Walmerironman

    The Beat and The Selector

    Hello I have 2 tickets for this Thursday to see The Beat and The Selector at The Astor in Perth. I would love to go but I won't be in town. They were $84!each, I'd like face value or as near as possible please. Thanks Brya
  7. Walmerironman

    Rubbish radio

    BBC Iplayer and a decent data allowance. I have an iPad connected to my amp at home just for BBC. I can still listen to Jo Whiley, 6Music and the like. Dont get me on the swearing as well! Struth me strides!
  8. Walmerironman

    At a turning point - Not sure what the future holds

    Thanks everyone for your words of advice. All taken on board, still working at it. Bryan
  9. Walmerironman

    At a turning point - Not sure what the future holds

    Hello Everyone Thankyou all for your comments, having an unload on line and hearing from others who have been through the same really helps. Rest if family with me in Albany this week, so all good. Trying to sell the idea to them. Definately up for a chat Gaz and Sue. I'll be in touch. Thanks Bryan
  10. Hello Just asking, we are at a loss om what to do tonight! Son no1 is out with mates, so that leaves myself, the wife and son no2, 13 year old wondering what to do. I don't suppose there are any parties we can politely crash are there? We are well behaved people, justlooking for a pleasant evening. Do we sound like desperate lonely people? We are! Happy New Year everyone. Bryan and Nanette
  11. Hello, here goes! Our dream has turned a bit pearshaped! We moved out here in May of this year, 7 months ago. I was on a half promise of a job that eventually materialised into reality early August. During the interim we stayed with in-laws, friends etc and were unable to commit to an area, let alone a suburb in Perth. I was chasing theee jobs in the end, 2 in Perth and 1 in Albany. I started the job in Perth in August and we rented a house in Duncraig, based on the suburb and the High School. Trouble is the job was a nightmare. It was soon clear to me that the owner was a bullying, rude tyrant. After 7 weeks I was made redundant. The job was in the waste industry and due to proposed changes the project was shelved. I now find myself working for a haulier in Albany whilst my family are living here in Perth. I leave home at 0330 on a Monday and get home late Friday evening! Not the cohesive family life we envisaged. I am looking for work up here but it's been to no avail so far. It doesn't help that I'm doing 12hr days, so very little time to look. Thats not the only thing. The only one of us who is happy is my 15 year old son. He seems to have settled in well, he's in the triathlon squad, has a shop job in Hilary's at the weekends and loves the skating, though he gets frustrated at some of his friends reluctance to get out and do things. Our other son, 13, has become a hermit. He's not made any friends at all, spends all of his time on the Xbox or Mac, totally different to the fun, gregarious boy he was in the UK. My wife has not managed to make any friends either. She lacks the school gate friendship portal now as the boys are older. As for me, well I just don't have any time at all to do anything. I was cycling with a group up here, but come Sat morning I'm just too tired to get up and cycle, plus I've missed my family and want to spend time with them. It's the friends thing really, we've have found that Australians are friendly, but in a very shallow, low level way. Very polite, but that's it we have some South African Acquantences but they seem to stick together, so they're happy We had a big social circle in the UK, we think we are nice people, so it's very wearing Basically we feel we have no friends and no support, we've both got family out here, but I'm afraid they've been a disappointment we are now faced with the choice of A) Upsticks and move to Albany for my job or head home to the UK. Albany is beautiful, but the job has its drawbacks, well paid but some of the practises worry me; it's a long way from anywhere and I worry about taking the boys there as it's limiting for their social Developements, plus they don't want to go there. Financially we will be on a winner there as housing is much cheaper Not sure what I'm asking really, maybe some input, maybe I just need to put pen to paper. But we are both feeling desperately unhappy, I for one have never felt this way. I've always been an upbeat mood lifter if you like, not the person I find I am now. Any advice or words of encouragement gratefully received thanks Bryan
  12. Walmerironman

    Jaws salary checker

    Hello I was wondering if anyone has used the salary checker on the web called Jaws. Was it accurate? thanks Bryan
  13. Walmerironman

    Decision made -Procastinate finished

    Hi I have just returned from a 2 week reccie to suss out the job market as I was so worried I would struggle to find work. One thing I learnt, knock on doors, network and be bold. Managed 3 very positive meetings/interviews, one even finished up with salary and car discussions. The house is now sold, signing contracts in next week or two I hope, deciding on shippers and hoping to be on a plane by mid to end of March. We we cannot wait, now my only stress is Perth or Albany. Love both, both have their own attractions but it depends on work"............ Fingers crossed. May any the fun start. Bryan
  14. Walmerironman

    we're on our way - visas granted!

    Hello I was wondering how your move went? I'm in Perth now on the validation and job reccie run. The job situation really concerns me, we have a buyer for the house...but! I'm in transport and waste management. Thanks bryan