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    Bricklayer arriving soon

    Hi have you made any decisions on your move yet we seem to be going backwards with ours. All seemed great idea at the time it seems like work as flipped round good here now and bad over there. We'd too be looking south rockingham area . How's your kids feel on the move .?.
  2. Rik

    bricklaying in Perth advice !!!

    Hi Paul just wondering if you would be looking to set on I've a pr visa and sold house 3 week ago . Been building houses for almost 20 year . Would also love to know what kind of day rate to expect please. Cheers mate
  3. Cheers for response mate
  4. Is this still the case now chris as I've just agreed sale of house and could be over in a few month . Is it easy to get into a gang . ?? And what day rate are we taking . Cheers Riki
  5. Rik

    Bricklayer arriving soon

    Hey up fella we've just agreed sale of house and am now having major doubts about the move . Is it really that hard to find work as a brickie? I'm Simalar been doing it 19 year and have kinda made it to the top of the food chain with the gang I'm in at the firm I'm with. Starting to think I'm nuts for moving ! Last thing I want is to be scratching around for work again ????
  6. Does anyone know what good brickies are earning over there please ?? Cheers
  7. No the ten year old is a boy and the other a girl. He's good as gold and seems to be taking it in his stride. But is of course worried about friends.
  8. Hi thanks for the reply people, nice to know people out there in same boat. Got a contact over there who is being really helpful and recommended I came on here . We're looking at the rockingham area at the minute but are clueless on schools. Kids are 10 and 4 . But like I say our main worry is being able to live on the one wage. I mean how does it work when kids are on school hols and you both work??? Cheers guys
  9. Hi first time on here and hoping we can get some advice ... Well we have our visas and have just agreed sale of our house . The problem is we're having doubts about the move . Our story is that we're a family of 4 and basically only have enough money to get ourselves over there and into rental. My salary could be in the region of 75k to 85k and would probably be the only income to start with. So basically I'm wondering if this is enough to not just survive on but to have a little left over for sports clubs etc . Any advice would be brill as the stress were having is making me grey !!! Oh I'm a bricklayer too if this helps