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  1. class 1 hgv driver

    hello pal sorry for the long wait for a reply.We're waiting to coming over on a contributal parental visa which is a long way about doing it but our only way we summited the visa 4 month ago which It can take up to 24 months but I believe averages 14/16 months so still along wait to go yet . Where abouts are you living at the minute ?
  2. Hi all. Just wonder if any body has just recently or is nearly completed going through a contributal parental visa at the moment? What sort of time did it or is it taking at the min and what sort of time is it before we have to go for medicals. Our was summited nearly 4 months ago and any other information much appreciated cheers stu
  3. class 1 hgv driver

    Williamsx6 HI pal just wondering if you have managed to get over to OZ yet and just wondering how you have managed with work upto now now cheers
  4. class 1 hgv driver

    Sorry for the delay but thank you for the info much appreciated
  5. class 1 hgv driver

    Hello pal I take it your getting over on your partners job ?
  6. class 1 hgv driver

    Hello pal I take it your getting over on your partners job ?
  7. class 1 hgv driver

    Personally I think if he hasnt already got them here then I would just wait till he gets out there pointless having to pay twice
  8. class 1 hgv driver

    Hello pal do you know what sort of cost and time is it to get a SLP and a dangerous goods licence Im in the north west pal
  9. class 1 hgv driver

    HI sorry to say it yes he will. Iv been told by a oz truck driving training company if I get a headed letter of my employer of dimensions and weights of vehicles I drive at work. When i hand my english licence over in oz they will give me a provisional entitlement to a HC licence (class 1equilivant ) licence then I can go to them and I can do a test which should take between a day or two days and between 1500 & 2000 oz dollars hope that helps cheer Stu
  10. class 1 hgv driver

    Hello Im new on here so please go easy on me .But would appreciate as much advice as possible. Im a fuel tanker driver here in the uk and we're coming out to south of perth area in about 12 to 18 months I know I have to retake my tests which don't sound to intence. What im trying to find out is what is work like and am I likley to get a job being a newly OZ passed driver and what sort of money am I likey to earn and sort of hours will would I have to do thank you for any help cheer Stu