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  1. Hi, my husband has brought his van over from the UK and having troubles finding insurance. Can anyone help? Thanks
  2. debra

    what are you doing at this moment

    Just finishing our 14 days quarantine in Perth great views of the swan river and watching the world outside.
  3. debra

    Northern Suburbs Making Friends

    Hi, we will try to come is it the big park ? Lucky just seen the post for the meet up! Deb and family x
  4. debra

    meet up all ages

    Won't be able to make it, no babysitter Have fun. If anyone fancies a family meet up let sometime me know.
  5. debra

    Mindarie primary school

    Hi, we have been here 6 weeks , been to perth on visits many times but living here and visiting obviously different, especially when you have children going to school! All the best with your move, you must be excited
  6. debra

    Mindarie primary school

    Thanks Arwen it's the schooling that's making us think to move there, heard it's good
  7. debra

    Mindarie primary school

    Hi Weedolly Where would you recommend to move to?
  8. debra

    Mindarie primary school

    Hi we are looking into moving to Mindarie, we have a 7 and 9 year old. Does anyone have any feed back, personal experience regarding the school. Thanks
  9. debra


    You have done so much!! Can I ask what's tesco mums?? Now relax Deb x
  10. debra

    Hello poms!!

    Great news, we have been here 5 weeks today and love jindalee area. You'll be booking flights soon Deb
  11. debra

    7 days to go!!!

    Safe journey xxx
  12. debra

    7 days to go!!!

    1 day now !!? Xx
  13. debra

    7 days to go!!!

    Hi, safe journey, we flew with etihad , always fly with them and didn't notice the luggage allowance had changed until last minute!! Send a message when you're here and we can meet up, as will be in the same area. We got here just over 3 weeks ago ,Deb and family xxx
  14. Hi, just moved to jindalee and trying to get out and meet people, the kids have started school, I'm getting stuck indoors or walking on my own, I'm like the local nutter chatting with any random passer by!! If anyone would like to come out for a walk and have a chat that would be lovely? Deb
  15. debra

    Northern Suburbs Making Friends

    Thanks, ha ha wait till you meet our son he is so Somerset he makes me laugh!! All of these accents we are hearing are great, such a mix I love it !