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  1. freedom

    Car servicing

    Cheers thanks for your messages.
  2. freedom

    Car servicing

    Hi.... Can anyone recommend a garage in the Fremantle area for servicing? The car is a Mazda Tribute 3.0 l petrol.
  3. Hi there... Been here nearly 2 weeks know. Finished first week at work and everyone here been great. Been stopping with mate at secret harbour... Move into apartment in south Fremantle tomorrow. Partner hasn't found work yet which she is a bit upset about as she likes to work but fingers crossed she will find something soon.
  4. freedom

    Moving to Perth.... Help...

    Hi Germaine Thank you for that.... Your place looks really beautiful. We will be staying with friends over at secret harbour when we arrive and probably going to look over that side first and maybe Freemantle but thank you for your message. Rob
  5. Great advice jaseandanne I'm booked up to go out on the 10th of April and have had some wobbles... and still are...just read your post and it has given me a lot of inspiration..
  6. freedom

    Are you moving to Australia - UK Meet Up

    Yes count me in. as long as its before the 10th of April as travelling to Perth then.
  7. freedom

    Moving to Perth.... Help...

    Hi everyone thank you all for your advice... very much appreciated
  8. freedom

    Moving to Perth.... Help...

    Hi everyone, Thank you for your help and advice, it has been very much appreciated. Rob
  9. Hi Everyone.... I'm moving to Perth in April from the UK ... Staying with friends in for a bit but will to looking to rent a furnished place then... ideally want to be near to the coast.. somewhere where there is a bit of life and community and transport links. Any help and ideas from all your experiences would be greatly appreciated. Rob