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  1. What did the employer mean by - looking at your cv you won't stay here long?
  2. kazb67

    Visa 189 help please

    Congrats to you both on the arrival of your baby girl! This was the reason we went with an agent, I was pregnant & was defo suffering "baby brain" throughout my pregnancy. I didn't trust myself to get it all right & not get stressed to the max with it all. I always thought when my friends said they had "baby brain" it was an excuse for being lazy, but hell no, it is such a real thing!!!! Lol. Luckily I realised right at the start of the process that our baby would need a passport & medical etc hence the reason we didn't lodge until Jan even although we started gathering info & filling out forms etc in the June of the previous year. Plus I couldn't have had the required chest X-Ray whilst pregnant anyway. Im not sure what deadline you mean? From what I remember you lodge your app with all required docs. The CO gets intouch & requests form 80 (your right to have this prepared though as it's very lengthy & you can actually just go ahead & attach once you've completed it) police checks & medical report. Don't do police checks until they ask for them as it has a shelf life & can expire before they request it. They may also ask for further docs but they'll tell you what they want & what date it's due by. Like I say I couldn't get my medical booked in by the date they had given us but they were happy to give us an extension as I'd sent them through a booking confirmation. With regards to your employment, someone else may know differently, I just had to provide employment history. No evidence was required.
  3. kazb67

    Visa 189 help please

    Hi Claire, massive congrats!!! I know it's not the actual visa grant but it's still exciting!! Its a busy time once you get your invite. We used an agent but I'll answer as best I can...... • Yes, once you complete your online health declaration a referral letter is generated which includes your ID. This is needed before you can book medicals. We couldn't get our medicals booked in before the date the CO had set but we sent a confirmation of our booking & they were happy to accept that. • We only supplied documents/letters/bills that had either joint names or individual names on them. Ie individual or joint credit card statements, bank statements, holiday booking confirmations, utility bills inc council tax. Our agent was quite keen on council tax bills. We didn't supply any photos or statements from family & friends. I've heard of others who have but we didn't. • My OH was the main applicant but I still had to give employment details & education history. I didn't need to supply any evidence for either though. • Justice of the Peace & Solicitors can certify documents at a price. JoP only wanted a donation from us, the solicitor wanted us to sell our souls to the devil! Lol. It was very expensive something ridic like £10 per page & there are ALOT of pages. We asked our agent & they got it done for us for free. There are other professionals who can do it, I seem to remember that ministers & police can do it too. I'm sure there are others.
  4. kazb67

    Buying a car

    We'll defo get additional insurance just not sure of the cover yet. We have 2 cars & a motorbike in the UK (Merc GLA, Nissan Nevada & KTM bike) all of which are fully comp. Personally I think it'd be daft of us to have expensive vehicles & not have appropriate cover. We'll import the bike but I'm planning on getting a small car that's as cheap as poss to run until we can build up wages. My OHs a spark so he has quite an outlay to get qualified to Aus regs. i really wasn't sure we'd afford a car but basing it on 6k if rego will be approx $50, insurance approx $60 & fuel maybe $160 ish monthly we should be fine. i was going round in circles trying to work out what we'd need to pay for but I think I have it sussed now?!?!?! It will be more expensive but I think we might go to a dealer so as all paper works in order. With all the other things we have to sort out when we arrive, buying a car then getting hit with things/fees I've missed would prob tip me over the edge lol
  5. kazb67

    Buying a car

    Thanks abc im thinking $50 per month base on a $6k car. Plus additional optional insurance
  6. Hahahaha Markthespark I just literally looked at your location, we've been looking at butler as it appears to be affordable for decent sized houses & not too far away from CBD. It gets mixed reviews but I guess everywhere does. We have friends who live close by who say it's fine but then others say it's a No No. I have family in Hocking & they suggested some of the surrounding areas but it's just not worth the risk to take on a bigger rental if OH can't secure work for some time. We currently live approx 30 mins from a city so being further out really doesn't bother us. I defo think your right, we have to prioritise what's more attractive for an employer then he'll just start building them up again when we're settled. Just such a pain that yous have to keep going through the same things to get job in UK, secure visa, then get jobs in Aus. Once he has white, provisional then height, constricted spaces & EWP he's thinking PLC. It all sounds so simple Hi Greenfamily, glad your looking on the bright side. Can't be easy for him not finding work but like you we're preparing for OH to be out of work for a number of months. We're not in a position to move right now so fingers crossed things pick-up by the time we are. We're just working out our sums to get a handle on what we may need to see us by for a few months. It's a pure guestimation right now but we're thinking approx £20k savings (this would hopefully cover shipping, set-up & living costs for few months) plus we'll have money from the sale of our house. We're hoping for £70-£80k once outstanding mortgage is paid off, but Brexit has ALOT to answer for! We'd love to keep as much as poss of that lump sum for a deposit when we decide to buy in Aus. Centrelink looks great!!!!!! We don't have anything like that in Scotland.......unless you decide not to work & sit on your bum with your hand out. Sparks & plumbers appear to have a tough time due to different regs but like you say we only live once. We've wanted to move for some time but kept putting it off, we only applied for our visa last year once I discovered I was pregnant (because clearly 1 thing at a time isn't stressful enough lol) It won't be perfect & at times it'll be tough, our eyes are wide open, but we both want this & will do our very best to succeed.
  7. kazb67

    Buying a car

    Buying a car in Australia cannot possibly be as complicated a task as I'm turning it into. I'm a very sensible & capable adult but I'm bamboozling myself. I've read sooooo many forums/guides & I think they're each calling the same thing something slightly different. can I just clarify what I think I need...... (I know dealers sort out the additional bits but I want to have in my head what's required) - Roadworthy cert - Stamp duty (is this the same as tax that some guides refer to?) - Registration transfer fee - Insurance over & above the mandatory 3rd party driving licence uk-aus - licence transfer fee (approx $41) - licence fee for 5 yrs (approx $132) Have I missed anything?
  8. Thanks Mark, someone posted on the other forum a wee while ago that that was the typical hourly rate. Like you say though there's not many of those jobs around just now. We've a while til we move so hopefully it'll pick up by then. We had estimated approx 8 months, hoped it'd be less, for him to do theory then the work placement but that's all depending on him finding an employer of course. ive a couple questions if you don't mind, just with you being in that position right now.......... On another forum they said working at height, constricted spaces & EWP were favourable with employers (He has height, constricted spaces & APAF) but that the UK versions were irrelevant & he'd need to do Aussie tickets. I know youve only been there 7 months but have you done any of the other Aussie tickets or have you concentrated on getting the main licence 1st? This is a very personal 1 so feel free to tell me to beat it hahaha but its the main reason for me trying to find out the avg TA wage. How are you coping financially ie rent, transport & gen day to day living? I don't know what your OH does & I'm not being nosey, I just mean in general terms how do you find it. My OH is the breadwinner & obv there will be a shift in lifestyle based on the TA wage, I'm just not sure how much of a lifestyle shift
  9. Thanks Chelsea2425. It's pretty disheartening for them when they're fully qualified, used to earning good money but then having to take what feels like a step backwards eh. It's all worth it in the end though. Its mandatory for electricians to retrain in the Australian regs. Some time at college then working for a set period of time as a trade assistant. I think the $23 looks about right from what little i can see. We'll be coming with saving & money from the sale of our house but, like most people & prob unrealistic of us, we want to use as little of the house sale money as poss & only use our savings during the time when the wages are lower. I'm just trying to work out a rough budget for rentals which will determine what areas we want to stay in, no doubt that'll go up in the air once we arrive haha. Glad your hubby managed to work up. It's not taken too long although I'm sure for you it'll have felt like an eternity. Scary when funds start running low.
  10. kazb67

    Rough cost of emigrating...

    We've spent approx 10k so far & haven't set foot in Australia yet lol. My OHs a spark so had to travel to London from Glasgow for his 2 day trade test, IELTS were done locally so no travel costs on top of the fees. That 10k was everything we spent (family of 3) on getting our visa including an agent. Using an agent is optional but I was suffering severe "Baby Brain" so didn't trust myself to get everything right. Under normal circumstances I'd have taken it on myself & saved some cash. We're guesstimating that we'll need to save another 20k to get us there & set up. That sounds like a massive amount, & it is, but it can be done if you tell yourself you have to make small sacrifices now to catch your dream. We aren't in a position to move right now so we're heading over next month to activate visa as this has to be done within the year. In total, inc spending money, we've saved the 8k since March by becoming a little more "sensible" with our spending habits. We've not cut everything to the bone & are still living comfortably but savings were there to be made. Our biggest worry just now is getting a handle on how much my OH will earn when we 1st arrive as he almost starts over as an apprentice to gain his license. I've found all the info on here & Pomsinoz to be invaluable. Lots of stuff re shipping costs, pet shipping, monthly expenditures when you arrive etc. its a huge amount of money but good things tend not to comes easy in life, if they did we prob wouldn't value them much! Don't be put off, start the ball rolling & leap right into it.....Goodluck!!!
  11. Hi i posted on Pomsinoz but no one was able to advise. I'm hoping someone an here can maybe shed some light for us.......... I'm looking for a wee bit of guidance on an electrician trade assistants avg wage. We're coming over to Perth next month to activate visa/visit family. Whilst there we'll check out a few areas that we may want to rent in when we make the move over. One of the key factors in deciding where we want to initially rent is going to be my OHs earnings. Hes is a fully qualified electrician here in UK but we know he'll have to do a stint as a trade assistant before getting his licence. We've been looking on job sites (not many of them actually tell you what the wages are) & reading reports, but I'm hoping there's someone on here who can give us a more realistic opinion on what a TA will earn. We don't want to move over, find a place to rent then discover that we can't afford it on a TA wage. We will be coming with savings but don't want to blow it all on rent within the 1st year. thanks Reality is kicking in & the thought that we may struggle, or actually not be able to make the move, is heartbreaking
  12. kazb67

    Going to Bali for the fist time!

    I was in Bali a couple of years ago & loved it!!!!! We travelled from Scotland & had a few days stop-over in Singapore. We stayed in the Amarterra Villas in Nusa Dua, it was pure bliss & the staff couldn't have been more helpful (yet discreet). The villas were ideally located so that we could walk to most of the big hotels in the evenings to try the different restaurants & bars. We went into Kuta a couple of times but we literally went to the restaurants then straight back to our villa. There's defo a different vibe in Kuta & it wasn't for me. Loads of people looked like they were having the time of their lives but I've done the drinking & partying thing when I was younger & that just wasn't the type of hol I wanted. Also it's not the kind of place you want to draw too much attention to yourself! Funnily thought, my brother lives in WA & when I told him I was going there were all kinds of comments being passed. He's not even been so clearly it has a bad rep!?! I was also concerned about the ole belly but it was all gd. Think I had wee bit bother for 1 day but my OH was completely fine. In all honesty though it was prob just the change in diet (loads of water & gorgeous fresh fruit) rather than any dodgy cooking. All in all I loved Bali & can't wait to go again once I move to WA. It was stupid money to travel from Scotland. Obv there's loads of places I want to visit in Australia too but I'll defo return to Bali. Like most places it has it's good & bad areas. Now here goes, I'm sticking my neck on the line & expect to get shot down but that's ok....... IMO it looked like loads of people travelled to Kuta because it's cheap for them. They drink too much & prob behave in a manner that they wouldn't do if they were at home. My negative impression of Kuta wasn't caused by the locals, it was caused by the drunk/high tourists!
  13. kazb67

    You know you're in Perth when....

    wow, that made me shudder! Well done for staying so calm & not causing a pile-up!! Bless that man who helped! Sorry everyone for hijacking this thread with my irrational spider fear. Typical Pom eh lol. Great thread, made me laugh soooooo much
  14. kazb67

    You know you're in Perth when....

    2 more things to add to the TO DO list........hypnotherapy & pack my bike. I'd cause an accident if I was driving & that popped out. My brother has his house fumigated, can you not do that with cars?!?!?! Wowzer lol I'd never even considered spiders in my car
  15. kazb67

    You know you're in Perth when....

    Edna what the hell is that!! Obv I know it's a spider but what kind, surely that's not the norm?!?! Clearly you can prob tell I'm not in Perth yet but I'm seriously considering hypnotherapy. I'm scared of spiders in Scotland lol