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    class 1 hgv driver

    Hi you have bare in mind that all your husband uk qualifications stand for nothing over here, it's all about having metro driving experience and Aussie tickets,first thing is retake his licence, there are different agencies out here, driver hire, Hayes and toll people, but they expect you to sit at home and wait for a call there are loads of transport companies I was going to go round them with cv's but got the job so haven't bothered yet
  2. Williamsx6

    class 1 hgv driver

    hi tevo please pm with your phone number so we can chat and I will past it on to the boss
  3. Williamsx6

    class 1 hgv driver

    It's been a while since posting but just wanted to catch up and see anyone has managed to get here and find work, reason being I was talking to my boss and is very interested in taking on British drivers, if interested let me know
  4. Williamsx6

    class 1 hgv driver

    My idea was to go mining but I just can't get past the bloody recruitment agencies, I have applied for countless mining jobs since I have been and haven't been invited for an interview. My wife would love me to go away and earn some decent money.
  5. Williamsx6

    class 1 hgv driver

    I've been told things start picking up in August guess we'll just have to wait and see
  6. Williamsx6

    class 1 hgv driver

    Hi I have been here for about 9 weeks, had to retake my class 1 and sick and tried of applying for jobs through agencies with no reply, I have managed to get a job working for sub contractor for a big supermarket chain over here, there does seem to be jobs over here but it is all casual or agency with a few days here or there. It's hard work even just trying to swap your licence over, I had 5 trips to the transport department trying to get mine changed over, now I can't take my road train for a year. I have been well advised to stay away from the mines they work you like a dog with few days off which are spent travelling to see your family, the guys on with toll at the supermarket I'm working at are on roughly $100000 a year but again getting on is going casual first.
  7. Williamsx6

    class 1 hgv driver

    Hi robbiminator I'm coming out to Perth in the next couple of weeks I've been a truck driver for the last twenty years my wife is seriously worried about my earning potential. I've done the last five years on the fuel tankers and prior to that 11 years as a heavy recovery technician, I was wondering if you have any hints or tips on where to look, I've looked on gumtree and seek but wondering if it's more people you know than advertised jobs. I'm doing the online fatigue management at the minute and will be doing the slp and dg licence when I arrive do you have any good advice on any other courses I could do to up my changes thanks terry
  8. Williamsx6

    Selling house etc

    People are advised by the department of immigration not to give up work or sell house until the visa is granted. It took us just over a year from skills assessment to visa grant in feb, put the house up for sale beginning of March and sold in two days.