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  1. JenMet

    Perth Suburbs

    We live in Duncraig and love it! There are also great schools in the area, our 7 year old goes to Davallia Primary School and I can't rate it highly enough!
  2. JenMet

    Poynter Primary school

    We also live in Duncraig, it is a lovely suburb! Our daughter goes to Davallia which is a fantastic school but I have also heard really good reports on Poynter (unfortunately I don't know anything about their sporting provisions!) there will always be the option to do after school soccer etc.. Good luck with the move!
  3. JenMet

    Cost of living -- Sanity Check

    Hi Steve, I also the think electric and gas estimate should probably be monthly. Rent is expensive so will be higher, but this obviously depends on where you want to live/size etc.. We pay $25 a week health insurance for a family of four, it is pretty basic but have found the public system to be good when needed. With regards to schooling our daughter goes to a fantastic part government funded primary school and we only have to provide her book/stationary list (which works out around $200 at the start of each year) and pay a yearly voluntary contribution of $80, a few various things throughout the year such as excursions, swimming etc are extra. You will definitely find you spend a lot when you first come over, but it will settle! Good luck with the planning!
  4. JenMet

    Newbie to Perth and this forum!

    We have been in Perth for about 3 months now and would love to meet up with some new people! We live NOR in Duncraig (36 and 32 and have a 5 year old daughter).
  5. JenMet

    Coffee / Playdates

    Thank you! will definitely be in touch once we are settled!
  6. JenMet

    Coffee / Playdates

    Hi Nanu We have just moved to Perth (3 days ago!) and are moving to Duncraig next week. Would love to meet new people and meet up! we have one 5 year old daughter and I'm 36 tomorrow!