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  1. A backpacker looking for farm work for a 2nd year visa

    Oh that's interesting, thank you for that. I will check. I have been on Gum Tree a lot and applied for quite a lot, a few haven't got any spaces ana still waiting for the other. I may have to do a advert myself. Thanka again
  2. A backpacker looking for farm work for a 2nd year visa

    Thank you so much, I have no experience but I am willing to try to get my 2nd year visa. I have tryed Gum Tree and searched a few other. Thanks again!
  3. Hi my name is Michelle Strong and Iv travelling in Australia and New Zealand for 9 weeks now. I'm in Melbourne at the moment looking for a job to have my 2nd year visa signed off. I'm 28 years old, born in England and have been traveling for 9 weeks now. I have a full British driving licence and I'm a honest, tidy, friendly, motivated, none smoker and willing to learn any challenge that comes across to me. Please can someone get back to me. Thank you.