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  1. ow3n636

    Couple looking for friends

    Hello Sophie and Matthew, my name is Adam and my partners Adele both 29, we both live in the city and are always up for meeting new faces. Drop me a line and we c as n grab a coffee in the city if you would like. We have been here for 5 years and both from Yorkshire.
  2. ow3n636

    Looking to meet people

    Hey Andy, im 28 too been here for around 4 years now, know the feeling of first arriving. Where are you located? Im happy to meet up, im in the city.
  3. Hello, me and my partner live in West Perth, both 28 and wanted to know if there is any poms out there looking to meet some new people. Been here for 4 years now and applied for PR in January.
  4. Hello, been a while ive since ive been on this forum. Me and my partner live in West Perth (childless). Know how you feel! If your still keen to meet some new people drop us a message.
  5. Hello there, me and my partner are always happy to meet new people, we moved out hear Jan 2015, we live in Perth cbd also so if you want to catch up with us send us a private message and we can organise something. Are you excited to be coming out? Where abouts are you from in th uk? Adam & Adele
  6. ow3n636

    Young couple from Hull

    Hello Nat, yes Perth does have its charm doesn't it. yes we have spent overall 3 years here, done a lot of travelling, but fell in love with Perth. Aaaaw my parents have 2 black Labradors and I miss them a lot! So cool you are bringing the dog with you. Its great knowing people here when you arrive, it can really enhance your experience. Well it would be great to catch up with you guys when you get here, and meet Archie too of course . If you have any questions or need any advice please don't hesitate to ask.
  7. ow3n636

    Young couple from Hull

    Hello Nat and Ali, Yes that's great we would be more than happy to catch up with you guys. Have you guys been to Aus before? Are you getting excited?
  8. ow3n636

    Young couple from Hull

    Oh that's good, you have a support network when you arrive, its a really valuable thing to have when making the move. Never been to print works, will have to try that one! We go back to England at the end of June for 3 weeks, I havnt been back for 18 months. Really excited!! Yeh the goodbyes are awful but you will be fine once your on the plane and then the excitement will take over. Well I hope everything goes smoothly for you, and I am more than happy to answer any questions if you have any. Keep in touch via pm and when you are settled in drop us a message. Cheers Adam & Adele
  9. ow3n636

    Young couple from Hull

    Hey, oh that's cool, so at least you have seen the place and got to feel what life could be like. yeah come through to the city for a catch up. we are still finding new places to go every week :-). we have a small group of friends but we really want to expand that group and start socialising more. It can be hard when you first come over. do you have any relatives here? or is it all goodbyes in England? :-(
  10. ow3n636

    Young couple from Hull

    Hello Sarah and Dan! That's great news, congratulations! yes we are currently in Perth and living in an apartment in the city, meadow springs is around a 45-1 hour drive from/to the city. we used to live in rockingham so we have lived down south before. It would be great to catch up with you guys when you have landed and settled in. Have you been to Perth before? if not we could give you a tour around. you can also show us around meadow springs. :-)
  11. Hello Everyone! We are a young couple 26 and 27 from North Of The Wall (game of thrones to anyone wandering) :-). we are from Hull in England and we would love to catch up with fellow poms for a chin wag, I have posted a few times on other peoples threads but I am assuming they may not be using the site much, so thought I would start one myself. get in touch through a private message or just post a reply. look forward to meeting a few of you!
  12. ow3n636

    Great Wall ?

    the quality you will receive will be less than that of a 10 year old hilux, so go with an older Japanese car for your money. plus your resale value will be terrible. I am a mechanic and I would not recommend great wall, ssangyong etc. I know it is incredibly tempting for the amount of car against cost, but unfortunately you will end up regretting it later on.
  13. ow3n636

    Tell us about an aussie adventure!

    Thanks Ktee pictures are great I'm sure you had a fantastic time!
  14. ow3n636

    Tell us about an aussie adventure!

    where did you prefer out of Sydney and Melbourne, I found they are both very unique places. Melbourne has so much going on.
  15. Hello all! I have done a fair bit of travelling around Aus, including a drive from coral bay down to Perth, across the Nullarbor and all the way up the East coast to Cairns. I would love to hear where everyone has been, favourite places, beaches, restaurants, cities, memories, people you have met, Breakdowns lol! Cheers.