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    When to apply for kindy

    I we are hopping to move over from the UK to the Eden beach area in Sep. My little girl will be due to start kindy next Feb ( I think ). When do you have to apply and how ? Also any mums out that way with similar age children ?
  2. TAWS11

    Have you thought of joining a netball team?

    I know it is an old post but thought I'd ask. I am moving out Eden beach way from uk in Septemebsr. I play netball and really keen to carry on once we make the move. I think It will be my saviour to meeting new people. Are there still lots of need for players. I think it's fab that hey have a crèche too!
  3. TAWS11


    Hoping to move to Perth (Eden Beach way) in September. Are there any friendly netball clubs out this way. Are there any ladies looking to play netball and would like to come with me ?
  4. Hi guys. Hoping to get visa in next few months. Completed my skills assessment with Vetassess yesterday, so one step closer. Just want to ask if anyone can give me details of what I need to do once I arrive before I can start working, and what I need to do thereafter. I've heard lots of different things, but want to know from someone who's actually done it? Many thanks in advance Tom