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  1. Harrisdale people

    Hi there! thanks for replying! sounds like a great idea mate!... happy to meet whenever you free cheers
  2. Harrisdale people

    Hey guys.... Anyone up for meeting? :-) hope to catch up soon!
  3. Newbie looking for some pom pals!

    Hi Rich.... happy to meet up!!
  4. Harrisdale people

    Thanks guys, our kids are 5 and 4.... Ali, age not important! :-) would love to meet! likewise for Jen... really hoping to connect with some people locally.... hope you’re all having a nice weekend! chat soon!
  5. Harrisdale people

    No one?? LOL
  6. Newbie looking for some pom pals!

    Hi there, hope you’re well...I’d love to meet up. 35 and from Kent but now live in Harrisdale... work near Hay street so meeting in the city Is no problem!
  7. Harrisdale people

    Anyone? Lol 😂
  8. Harrisdale people

    Hi there, been here a year and half now, wife and kids came earlier they've been here around 3 years. My wife being English but growing up in Perth has a nice network of family and friends. I have too made some friends but would love to meet some poms now and establish some lasting friendships!! we are in our 30s with two kids. Really hope some people from around the Harrisdale area reach out who are also looking for some good buddies!!! hope to chat soon!
  9. Employment

    LOL! That's hilarious Bibbs!!! :-) love it !!
  10. Employment

    thanks all, I think I just needed to vent my frustration. I just don't seem to be getting any bites... and all these friendly recruiters are very nice, but when it comes to the crunch, I am just not hearing from them. I suppose I just need to keep plodding on in the hope that something will happen for me! cheers guys
  11. Employment

    Hi all, can anyone suggest any good recruitment agencies local to canning vale? Finding recruiters from the city pretty poor to be honest. I'm really having a rough time finding work, morale is pretty low, really need a breakthrough soon. thanks guys!
  12. Harrisdale couple

    Louise, thanks for your reply!! I've pm'd you. :-)
  13. Harrisdale couple

    Thank you all for the welcome and thoughtful replies! with regards to work, I'm really not fussy but the trouble is having only worked in Oil and Gas roles I don't have any other relevant experience so I am not getting looked at all... It's hard as I'm so eager and have much to offer.. oh well, I'm sure something will happen for me!... fingers crossed! Danny - I feel your wife's pain! wow, that's funny as my daughter really wants to go "to the mountains" and in all my visits I've never been to the hills so thank you so much for the offer, I'll hold you to that! I'm pleased I've come to the forum, really hoping it can be the starting point to long term friendships and good times! again, thanks all for your words!
  14. Making Friends :)

    Louise - just over the road from you! we'd also be up for a meet some time too
  15. Harrisdale couple

    Hi all, Will try to keep this as brief as I can! I have moved to Perth with wife and two young kids, (2 and 4) my wife has family here and moved back out over a year ago, but I've only just moved over (March) due to work commitments. Been a long time coming this move since my first visit to Perth in 2006... but now here and eager to settle! We'd really like to meet some guys who also have just moved over... we don't get out that often and I'd really like some English friends and start living and having some fun! So if you're local (have kids or not!) and looking for some easy going nice friends then please get in touch. My wife is working but I have yet to find work... (nice opportunity for a small plug) looking for any IT project type, BA, roles.. having worked for the O&G industry since leaving school would love to find something similar here... although it's proving bloody hard work trying to get a job! anyway back on topic, really loving things here, some days I find hard as the rest of my family are still in the UK, but more good days than down so its onwards and upwards thanks for reading and hope to hear from soon people soon!