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  1. magicians

    Canning vale or Harrisdale areas

    Hi all, just looking to nudge this up again ! Lol
  2. magicians

    Canning vale or Harrisdale areas

    Thanks for the reply Ali. Yes we have some friends via the school etc which is nice but I’d also really like to meet some poms to branch out some more. peolle with kids would be ideal but it’s not mandatory I guess. I think I’m just missing that English connection a lot and hope to meet some people from home :-) many thanks again :-)
  3. magicians

    Soon to be new in town...

    Hi Adan, im up for meeting hope to chat soon!
  4. magicians

    28 yo Male looking for drinking buddy

    Hi Chris.... fancy a beer??? let us know
  5. magicians

    Canning vale or Harrisdale areas

    ....? Nudge...? lol
  6. magicians

    Canning vale or Harrisdale areas

    Still looking to widen our connection of poms... especially for my wife, anyone locally to Harrisdale or canning vale looking? met a couple of great blokes on here, also looking for that friendship with kids etc.. please reach out cheers
  7. magicians

    Canning vale or Harrisdale areas

    Hi Jen, thanks So much for your reply! would love to meet whenever is good for you!!! feel free to pm me if you’d prefer! many thanks again for coming back to me!
  8. Hi there, anyone around sor fancy meeting up and making friends, mid 30s two kids and would love to meet some people and make some good uk friends! if you fancy it let us know! ?
  9. magicians

    Harrisdale people

    Hi there! thanks for replying! sounds like a great idea mate!... happy to meet whenever you free cheers
  10. magicians

    Harrisdale people

    Hey guys.... Anyone up for meeting? :-) hope to catch up soon!
  11. magicians

    Newbie looking for some pom pals!

    Hi Rich.... happy to meet up!!
  12. magicians

    Harrisdale people

    Thanks guys, our kids are 5 and 4.... Ali, age not important! :-) would love to meet! likewise for Jen... really hoping to connect with some people locally.... hope you’re all having a nice weekend! chat soon!
  13. magicians

    Harrisdale people

    No one?? LOL
  14. magicians

    Newbie looking for some pom pals!

    Hi there, hope you’re well...I’d love to meet up. 35 and from Kent but now live in Harrisdale... work near Hay street so meeting in the city Is no problem!
  15. magicians

    Harrisdale people

    Anyone? Lol ?