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  1. Hey all, just thought I’d reach and to see if anyone local fancies meeting you? myself and my wife are late 30s have two kids - 9 and 7 maybe you’re new to the area and would like to meet someone new! feel free to send me a message! Hope to chat soon!
  2. I’d be up for a beer if you’re still looking ?
  3. magicians

    Parent Visas

    Thanks for your honesty Pegg!!!! I have to admit, I’m finding some really great and sound advice on this forum but also a lot of negative and kind of derogatory advice too. i fully understand people need to be aware of the straight up facts, but also the (potential) prospect of being reunited with your family is something that should be celebrated and encouraged... I think I chatted to you before in another post? you’re south Perth right? Wondered if you fancied a coffee at some point? Would love to learn how your got your visas etc? Any tips I can pass on to my parents would be great!
  4. magicians

    Parent Visas

    Thanks Ali. sorry for all the questions. do you know of a reputable agent to contact on this, as it’s so important for me to make sure my parents are properly looked after, I’d like to approach a trustworthy source?
  5. magicians

    Parent Visas

    Thanks for the advice. in your opinion what’s the best (Safest) way etc to bring parents over from the UK to live? thanks for your time
  6. magicians

    New friends city or bayswater

    Hi there, I live SOR but could potentially meet in the city
  7. magicians

    Parent Visas

    Hi all, wondered if anyone could point me to any references to decipher the world of parental visas? I heard once a possible route is for parents to come out on tourist visas then apply when they are here. im well aware of the 30 year wait, I am more looking toward the contributory route etc that would enable them to come over in a post pandemic era of course.. many thanks
  8. magicians

    Wanting to make new friends

    Not giving up yet....!
  9. magicians

    Wanting to make new friends

    Thanks Pegg!
  10. magicians

    Wanting to make new friends

    Thanks guys for your replies. dont get me wrong I have made some Aussie friends but the group is very ‘clicky’ and that’s just not us. i love aussies but feel sometimes we are built form different cloth and I guess I’d love to find a Pom to be good friends with. hope this makes sense, it’s not that I’m choosy but would love to find someone with lots in common I guess. really appreciate your replies!
  11. magicians

    Wanting to make new friends

    Thanks Pegg, I’ve had real trouble so far, been trying for so long with little success. any ideas! lol
  12. Hi all, married with two young kids. I’m 38 looking to meet local people for long term friendships! anyone around canning vale or Harrisdale that would like to meet please reach out! like a laugh and a drink, English style! hope to chat soon!
  13. magicians

    Where's the Poms at 😜

    Hi, im south of Perth too mate, if you fancy a bevy just let me know!
  14. magicians

    Harrisdale people

    Wow, this is proving pretty difficult... is there anyone out there in Perth that would like to meet? we don’t bite! Lol ??