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    Subcontractor applying for a 189 visa

    Hi Leanne The evidence needs to show that the type of work done is relevant to your partner's nominated occupation (eg joiner) and that the work was paid work averaging more than 20 hours per week. Therefore your suggestion is a good one. A statement/letter/reference/contract document from the contractor could be used to confirm the type of work done, and records of payment (eg one or more of invoices, pay slips, tax records, statements) could be used to confirm that the work was 'paid work'.
  2. https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/187-/Regional-Sponsored-Migration-Scheme-visa-%28subclass-187%29-applicant-document-checklist For IELTS and Police Checks send scanned true colour copies.
  3. ricco56

    Entry issue 176 SS Visa

    The grant of an Electronic Travel Authority (Visa 601- ETA) is unique in that it does not result in the early ceasing of a more beneficial visa such as the 176. According to policy the ETA will be granted but will be held 'out of effect' and hence entry to Australia would have been made on the 176 visa. It is important for visa holders to confirm their visa status before travelling to and after entering Australia. If you check the visa status with VEVO this will confirm current immigration status and any conditions which apply. See https://online.immi.gov.au/evo/firstParty?actionType=query
  4. Downtown west-end Fremantle. No pool but the Indian Ocean (and Fremantle Railway station) within walking distance. See http://www.fremantlepremiumaccommodation.com.au/Content/the-fremantle-townhouse Vested interest alert: Owned by me, managed independently by Mick (Premium Properties)
  5. ricco56

    187 nomination

    You have raised an important issue. It is essential that the business name/structure on the nomination reflects the current business structure. Did the employer use an agent to lodge the original nomination? If so I suggest the agent would be best placed to contact DIBP to clarify as to whether the original nomination, and your application, can be updated.
  6. ricco56


    There is no simple straight forward process for finding equivalences between UK and Australian qualifications. Your UK qualifications combined with your work history/experience may meet the requirements of one or more occupations here in Australia. Professions/occupations in the construction area are highly regulated in Australia as you would expect in view of the risks involved. If you are interested in migrating to Australia as part of the general skilled migration program you need in the first instance to identify the occupation you wish to target for migration purposes (see https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Work/Work/Skills-assessment-and-assessing-authorities/skilled-occupations-lists ). The challenge is to identify the one occupation that is best aligned to your current qualifications and experience. Once that is tied down you can then make the investment of seeking a formal skills assessment for migration purposes through an authority such as Vetassess (https://www.vetassess.com.au/skills-assessment-for-migration ). You will note that both of the relevant occupations listed in the Construction area ( see http://www.abs.gov.au/AUSSTATS/abs@.nsf/0/A1F865C5B06A5D77CA2575DF002DA695 ) require a high level of skill (level 1) but there is always some flexibility as to the mix of formal qualifications and/or relevant work experience required to satisfy the skills requirement.
  7. ricco56

    Visa Validation Run

    The ATO website helps you determine your residency status for tax purposes. If you intend to work during your visit, or stay more than 6 months, or make any Australian investments while you're here it is necessary to have a TFN. Otherwise it's something you can delay until you move permanently. You can obtain a TFN at any time, even before you leave the UK. Whether you need to use it is another matter.
  8. ricco56

    Visa Validation Run

    See https://www.ato.gov.au/Individuals/Tax-file-number/Apply-for-a-TFN/
  9. ricco56

    Do we have any options?

    I've sent you a private message with some background information. Regards Ric
  10. ricco56

    Do we have any options?

    Event Technology is an emerging area and hence it will be vital to consider your partner's qualifications and experience carefully before proceeding further with formal skills assessment through ACS. Also you need to consider all of your visa options and how you can best position yourselves to reach your goals. Ensure that in addition to seeking advice in public forums like this one, that you also seek professional advice from one or more Registered Migration Agents (see mara.gov.au) with particular experience in the Technology area. Many agents provide initial consultations at low cost (or free). Obtaining such advice would be a good investment.
  11. ricco56

    Working Holiday Visas for Professionals?

    Would this restriction reduce my chances of employability in my particular field? (Structural/Civil Engineering). Has anyone on this forum gained 6 months (or longer) experience in their field of expertise whilst on a WHV? Can employers potentially extend this 6 months period if need be? If so, could this potentially lead to sponsorship of a permanent visa? Yes employment conditions for Professional Engineers are currently very mixed, but there may be opportunities for short term contract/project work in particular areas. There are a number of situations where the 6 month limit can be extended. In particular a person working in Northern Australia (Above the Tropic of Capricorn in WA and Queensland, and all of the Northern Territory) in Construction can apply (at least two weeks notice required) for up to 6 months extension with their employer. Cooincidently 'Au Pairs' can apply for a 6 month extension irrespective of their location. Australian experience whether in your professional area or not, is always useful if later on you wish to pursue work opportunities in a sponsored/nominated role. Australian employers are more likely to employ someone who they know has already conducted some serious research on the Australian way of life etc. It is disappointing and expensive for an employer to commit to nominating someone only to find that they are unhappy in Australia. Living and working in Aus for one or two years would allow you to make some useful contacts perhaps. Your dilemma is to decide whether you should stay home and build on your Engineering experience, or to take the plunge, explore new opportunities, but carry the risk of not working necessarily in your professional area. Both paths have pros and cons. All the best whichever way you go.
  12. ricco56

    Visiting UK during visa period?

    Yes Scotty the 189 (once validated) will allow you to re-enter Aus until Jan 2021 being five years from grant. After that time you will need a RRV (electronically attached to your UK passport) unless in the meantime you have obtained another visa, or citizenship and an Australian Passport. Please note that once you are granted Aus citizenship you are prevented (by Law) in obtaining a visa (on your UK passport) to enter Australia. If you find yourself offshore with Aus citizenship but no Aus Passport you are effectively marooned unit such time as you get your Aus Passport sorted.
  13. ricco56

    Recruitment agencies for trades

    A few to look at: http://www.allstarblue.com.au http://www.seek.com.au http://www.skillhire.com.au/ http://australia.recruit.net http://www.inselec.com.au/ Of these only Inselec is specifically for Electricians but their coverage in WA appears to be limited.
  14. ricco56

    Electrical Skills Assessment

    Hi JC6723 I recommend that you seek professional advice through a registered migration agent. The assessment process can be complex (particularly for licensed trades like Electrician - General and Electrician - Special Class) and depends on whether you are undertaking the assessment for skilled migration purposes and hence are getting assessed before leaving the UK (eg through Vetassess/TRA), or whether you are in Australia on another visa (eg prospective marriage/partner) and hence are seeking to satisfy local licensing requirements. Note Electricians are licensed/registered at State level in Australia. If you use an agent it is your interest to ensure that they are appropriately registered. This can be checked at http://www.mara.gov.au/
  15. ricco56

    Working holiday visa

    The guidelines for WHV (subclass 417) discuss a number of ways how the applicant can demonstrate sufficient funds under the "Money for personal support" requirement. These include bank passbooks bank account statements and/or credit card statements (on a bank or financial institution letterhead) letters from banks or other financial institutions (which should be on the bank or financial institution's letterhead, dated and signed) and/or written confirmation by a third party and documents to show that the third party has sufficient funds by providing bank account statement/passbooks. Therefore if he doesn't already have a bank account then the best option would be the highlighted option above with you (or his father) as the third party providing support from your own funds. It may be advisable for your son to arrange for an Australian bank account before he arrives so that any salary that he earns can be paid to that account. Most banks provide free (or low cost) transaction accounts for this sort of purpose. Part of the advantage of the 417 visa is that it can be used as a vehicle for personal growth and obtaining new skills. I would suggest that managing one's own finances through a bank account is an essential skill which should be encouraged.