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  1. rollingstone1980

    PR; 189 vs 186 visa

    Thanks for that advice NLDU, very useful. I will definitely speak to the agent and get more info from her. Yes she is a migration lawyer too and she comes as a personal recommendation so I think she is very good, just want to ensure it's a valid use of that amount of money! That's amazing that visa was granted in 2d....makes a bit of a mockery of the proposed 12-13m processing times noted on the website! You must have done a great job
  2. rollingstone1980

    PR; 189 vs 186 visa

    Thanks for the replies. Am waiting to hear back from our agent. I just struggle with how it can cost $4200 for an agent to oversee things and assist with the forms.... Why are the ENS visas the most common to be refused?? If you're already on a 457 and they can prove they cant fill the post with an Australian I'd hope it was more reliable than the 189 route....?
  3. rollingstone1980

    PR; 189 vs 186 visa

    Thank you Ali and New Life Down Under for your replies. My employer is looking at sponsorship and nomination now so am hoping we can go down the 186 route. 80 points for the 189 is a nightmare, I have a degree and have worked in my profession for many years but because I am 38 years old that would be virtually impossible to attain?! Has anyone applied for a 186 without the help of an agent?? Paying around $4200 for the completion of forms and submission of documents seems excessive, but I can't seem to find out just how feasible it would be to try and apply ourselves rather than using an agent? Thanks so much
  4. rollingstone1980

    PR; 189 vs 186 visa

    Some visa advice please; our agent is not proving very useful! :( Currently in Perth on my 457, with just over a year to go. Been in the process of getting the documents ready to submit an EOI for a 189 visa but finding 75 points (the current level at which most offers are being made) is quite tricky, I can probably scrape them together but not 100% guaranteed; it will depend on how Immi view a period of work when I was undertaking post-graduate training (was working in my profession and getting paid, but undertaking career advancement training) and also on getting superior english in an english language test. Our agent has said that we are running out of time and also implied that getting a bridging visa is very difficult, but has not suggested any alternative pathways. I am now wondering whether it would be better to apply for an employer nominated 186 visa as, although the processing times are reportedly longer by a few months, it seems more likely this will be granted and also I wont need to be trying to get points/waiting to be invited. Seriously how difficult is getting a bridging visa?? If we continue on the independent pathway and it gets rejected, what effect would that then have on future applications? We dont want to be kicked out of Perth in just over a year!! I dont think I'd be eligible for the transition scheme as I only work 30hrs a week and therefore not classed as full time, think it would have to be direct entry..... Any advice much appreciated...
  5. Hi Asho Been here since July last year, my husband in particular is really into music and playing guitar/writing songs...we live up in north beach and be happy to meet up for a drink once you're here. I would definitely recommend Fremantle as its the best place to live if you're into music and art, otherwise Mount Lawley and Leederville are good too. Perth doesn't compare to London in terms of whats on/events/culture etc but then it does have great food, beautiful weather and amazing beaches (and is laid back!) so guess you cant have it all! Hope you settle in and the journey over goes well!
  6. We are moving out of our furnished holiday let in 10 days and into our unfurnished rental....but have nothing to put in it yet! Our stuff from the UK arrives in a few weeks but is mainly personal belongings/kitchenware etc so we need to buy a lot. Am of course aware of gumtree, IKEA and the usual big stores here but wondered if anyone has any tips for other stores or websites which are good for buying white goods and furniture?? thanks
  7. rollingstone1980

    Which shopping centre best?

    We're in scarborough and karrinyup is good and pretty close. went up to joondalup but was ridiculously big and busy and not particularly worth the visit. shopping back in the UK is better but that's because the weather is so crap most of the time and theres nothing else to do!
  8. rollingstone1980

    Furnished rentals (4 Weeks)

    We used Air BnB but its worth looking on websites such as domain.com.au and reiwa.com.au as occasionally there are short term rentals listed on there....good luck!
  9. rollingstone1980

    Arriving in 3 weeks!

    Hi Pegg...we are staying in Endless Summer too!! Good old Air BnB Really good for the short term whilst we explore, loving Scarborough! So glad to hear it's all going well for you...sure we'll be needing more advice as we go, thankyou!
  10. rollingstone1980

    Arriving in 3 weeks!

    Hi everyone Just to say we arrived safely Saturday evening and have been settling in to our little pad in Scarborough (really like it here but a bit concerned about the building site on the front which has just started and looks like it will take years to complete!!) Had a bit of a drive around some areas but need to revisit for sure, thinking beachside may be the way to go though... Love the "winter" so far! Noticed there is a winter festival on in fremantle which we may have to visit!! Next on the list to arrange is buying a car and sorting a mobile phone...so much to do! Have a great day everyone and will post again soon...
  11. rollingstone1980

    Newbie to Perth and this forum!

    Arriving in Perth in 10 days and, although my husband and I are a bit older than you guys (i'm 36 and my husband is a young 42!!), we also have a gobby almost-3 year old so sure to be up for meeting up! Am a vet so can help with any pet-related enquiries!! Whereabouts do you guys live?? Staying in Scarborough for a month when we arrive...
  12. rollingstone1980

    Arriving in 3 weeks!

    Thanks so much everyone, good tips and feel like there's definitely a friendly community already out there when we arrive! Re the weather, after an amazing sunny week here last week it has been chilly and pouring with rain the last couple of days so won't be much worse/if anything may be slightly better in a Perth winter! Our stuff is now en route (used PSS shipping agents who were great) so living out of a couple of suitcases now.... One thing I will be asking about at a later date is how to get access to some UK TV (know there are some clever things you can do with iPlayer etc nowadays!) but that can wait...hopefully wont be watching much most of the time as will be outdoors and at the beach!! Thanks for the abc kids tip Dan... This time next week we will be about to start the mammoth flight to Singapore, 3 nights there then on to perth...cant wait!
  13. rollingstone1980

    Arriving in 3 weeks!

    Thanks for the replies and tips! We will definitely have a look round some of the areas once we arrive and hopefully by the sounds of things picking up a car shouldn't be too tough. I start work about 10 days after we arrive, it will be part-time 3d a week so we should have some time to explore and find where we like best. verystormy, where do/did you live, are you back in the UK?? Lin, did you look around a fair bit before you settled on mt hawthorn?? does it seem a friendly suburb? was one of the ones mentioned to us. I messaged our holiday let today about whether there is any heating! She said they do have a reverse aircon unit and extra blankets if necessary. Good to know that reverse aircon is not economical long term when we'll be paying for it ourselves... Lin, let me know if you would like to meet up sometime when we arrive, as we both work in medicine (just different species!) and have a similar age toddler?! did he/she settle in fairly quickly? how do you survive without cbeebies?!
  14. rollingstone1980

    Arriving in 3 weeks!

    Hi everyone New to the site but wanted to say hello as sure I'll be posting on here a few times as we settle in! My husband and I are moving to Perth in a few weeks on a 457 visa, I have a job (am a vet, will be working near Osborne park), he works in marketing/consultancy and hasn't got anything lined up but hopefully will find work when we arrive. We have a little boy who is 2 1/2 yo and cant wait for a more outdoor lifestyle than the UK offers! We've got a holiday let arranged for 1m and will be looking for somewhere to rent initially I think once we've explored some of the different areas; my job is NOR. Have a few qs which would appreciate some tips on...? -which family-friendly suburbs would you recommend NOR? We like to be able to walk to cafes/shops/parks rather than be beachside, Mount Lawley, Floreat and Wembley have been mentioned. I have read that Perth can seem pretty dead at times as its quite sprawling and I guess when its very hot lots of people stay indoors!? So we'd probably like one of the more bustling suburbs.... -any recommendations where to buy a car from?? don't really want to hire one for ages and waste money! guess reliable air-con is a must!! -how is the weather at the moment?? I know its almost winter so wont be too disappointed! but our luggage will need to sustain us until the shipment arrives so should we be packing quite a few warmer clothes? -seriously...how often do people see spiders?? despite being a vet I am a serious arachnophobe! have travelled in Oz before (not to perth though) and didn't encounter many but when I did I was not happy! esp the huntsman....*shiver* !! Are there cockroaches too?? loads in Sydney as I remember. That's all for now!! Thanks anyone who takes time to post...have a good weekend and hope you can catch some of the Euros footy matches over there!