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  1. Hi Thanks for all this info. I am looking to put on an exhibition of photos any idea where there is a photo gallery in Perth? ash
  2. hi We move to Perth in Jan and have kids going to those schools and wanted to know if any other parents have kids there too. Where is the best place to live and is it an ok pick up and drop off to both of them? thanks
  3. Hi We move down on 19th Jan and so far no response to my call out. Any tips? I am very nervous about the move as being in London there is so much here in terms of creativity etc and it is quite easy to find. I guess it will be easier to find like minded souls when we hit Perth. I am new to this whole post thing too so I am sure there are some get togethers so that we don't feel too isoloated in the first few crucial months.
  4. Hi Moving from the smokey leafy world of South East London to Perth. I would like to make some contact with lovely people out there who are of a creative disposition. I am a singer/songwriter, painter, film maker, writer etc etc... Would be nice to meet similar minded people who crave creativity. ash