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  1. Stef Colquhoun

    Flights booked, here we come!!

    Congratulations! My OH and I will be a day behind you, flying out on the 11th Jan, also finishing work next Friday. How is your excitement to nervous ratio? I'm probably around 80/20 at the moment. Looking forward to Christmas but not the goodbyes! Hope you guys have a great time.
  2. Stef Colquhoun

    The most important question regarding moving to Oz...

    Oh really? I've tried kangaroo in the UK and found it ok though not something I'd always go for. Is it quite popular over there generally?
  3. Hi all! Visa granted and move date set, flights booked and house packup arranged. Having done all that, I've realised that I have forgotten to check the most important thing, the answer to which may change our moving plans... ...can you get decent bacon in Australia???? If it's anything like the American excuse for bacon then the move is off!! ;-) Stef x (PS: yes this is definitely just a taking the P post :-) )
  4. Stef Colquhoun

    First few weeks...

    Hi all, the husband and I are landing in Oz on Jan 12th 2017. Initial plan is grab a rental car from the airport for a couple of days and head...somewhere. Our worldly possessions will be arriving 8-12 weeks after us so with only suitcases to our names, what would be a good 'first step' for those 8-12 weeks? We were thinking 4 week furnished holiday rental (just sucking up the cost) and possibly then trying to do some house sitting while looking for the long term unfurnished rental once we have done some area exploring and found somewhere we really like. What are your thoughts? What would you do differently? Ideas, thoughts, advice, criticism all welcome.
  5. Stef Colquhoun

    What to pack in your suitcase...?

    Thanks for the advice all...called SA and they confirmed the 40kg allowance...score!
  6. Stef Colquhoun

    What to pack in your suitcase...?

    Hi all! New to the forum, will be moving to Perth in January 2017 with The Husband so we are right into the planning stage now. Have looked at flights and so far Singapore Airlines are looking likely. Basic ticket comes with 30kg luggage each. We are shipping our worldly belongings over in a shared 40ft container so will take a while to arrive (will be aiming for a furnished rental in the meantime). So the question is - how do you decide what to pack in the suitcase going with you?? Obviously smart and casual clothes and shoes for work/out of work. Laptop, chargers, phones, all relevant paperwork we might need (Visa, ID's, marriage certificates etc). What else might be an essential that we may need ahead of our container arriving? Any help / ideas very much appreciated!! Thanks in advance, Stef:cute: