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  1. Leanne Fawcett

    Seeking Employment

    Hmmmmm yeah starting to get that impression.. Didn't think it would be so difficult. Thanks for the info
  2. Leanne Fawcett

    Seeking Employment

    No I wasn't.. Thank you you've been a great help!!
  3. Leanne Fawcett

    Seeking Employment

    Yeah a lot of people have been saying that... guess I shall have to be more patient and broaden my search to other things! Thanks for the advice I will go and do that I don't have a vert nursing qualification but back home I went to a college and gained an Animal Management Diploma.. Don't know if that will help me at all over here?
  4. Leanne Fawcett

    Seeking Employment

    I am on a permanent residence visa!
  5. Leanne Fawcett

    Seeking Employment

    Hi everyone, Have been seeking employment in Perth here for weeks now and not hearing anything back. Ideally I would love to work within the animal industry but have also had previous experience within Admin if anyone knows anybody looking? If anyone could give me some advice as to what websites are the best or how to become more noticed here in WA that would be great Thanks :smile2: