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  1. SarahL

    So, this is where we are now ....

    Sorry to read this Paul, I hope you and your family settle back in the UK quickly. At least you won't look back on life and think "what if". You gave it a shot and it didn't work out this time but you still have the option to go back if you decide that's the right thing to do. I wish you all well.
  2. Hi Baggy, Thanks for your reply. Great to hear a positive perspective of the current economy. Would be great to meet up. Will send you a message once we are settled in. Thanks again Sarah
  3. Dear all, We (my husband, 20 month old son and almost 30 year old me!) are visiting Perth from 26th July until 9th August and I was wondering if anyone would like to meet up as it would be great to talk to people that have actually made the move. We are also hoping to arrange some visits to a couple of high schools if possible so we can get a feel for what the education system is like in WA. Are there any teachers out there that would be willing to let us observe? My husband is a math teacher and I used to teach science before becoming a stay at home mum. We are staying in Mosman Park but will be hiring a car and will be doing quite a bit of exploring so we are happy to travel. Thanks for reading and thanks also to people that have shared their experiences of moving on here as it has been really helpful. Sarah
  4. Have sent you a pm @gemedwards
  5. SarahL

    Family Budget

    Can't help with the budget but will be interested in the responses. We are also in the early stages of planning a move and also from Norfolk! Good luck with everything.
  6. SarahL

    Registering as a teacher in WA

    That's really useful info. Will add it to my list of things to do if we decide to move after our recce in July. I like to be organised! Thanks
  7. SarahL

    Registering as a teacher in WA

    Thank you for the replies. That doesn't sound so bad. Does anyone know if this impacts your starting salary in WA? Do you have to be fully registered before being paid the correct salary for your level of experience? Thanks again.
  8. Hello, I have been doing some research into registering as a teacher in WA and came across this on the TRBWA website: [h=4]If you have not taught or studied in an Australian teaching or educational context[/h]​If you have neither taught nor studied in the Australian teaching and educational context, you are therefore generally considered by the Board to be unable to fully meet the Professional Standards. Until such time as such teachers either study or teach in Australia/New Zealand they will be unable to be granted registration in the Full or Provisional categories. However, overseas teachers in this position may still apply for Limited Registration or apply for Non-Practising Registration. Am I correct in assuming that you have to teach for 100 days in a WA school before you can become fully registered? Thanks
  9. SarahL

    Wifes Christmas present HELP

    Have a look on groupon for your area. There may be an offer for something she would enjoy. The theatre? Afternoon tea? Good luck
  10. Thank you ktg. I have a friend that is a primary teacher in Perth and she told me it is difficult to get jobs at the moment I hope you are able to find something soon. Is there much demand for supply teaching?
  11. Thanks for the links and suggestions Unfortunately we are restricted by the school terms in the UK as to when we can visit. At least it will be warmer when we drive up north a bit!
  12. Thanks for the links and suggestions Unfortunately we are restricted by the school terms in the UK as to when we can visit. At least it will be warmer when we drive up north a bit!
  13. Thank you for your response. We haven't applied for visas yet as we wouldn't be looking to move until our baby is closer to starting school. I studied at Curtin University for a year during my degree but I would like to get an idea of the education system for primary and secondary school. We are both hoping that we would enjoy teaching in Australia but we don't really have a good idea of what it might be like compared to here in the UK?! This is our thinking behind visiting schools, rather than with a view to getting a job. I am a science teacher and my husband teaches maths. I checked out adventure world but sadly it is closed in August. We will just have to visit as many playgrounds as we can to give us an idea about the different areas.
  14. Hello, We have booked our flights to Perth for August next year We have already decided on a roadtrip north for a week leaving us with two weeks to fill. What should we do to try and get a feel for whether we really want to move?? We are both teachers so I'm thinking we should visit a few schools but what else? We have a son who will be 21 months at the time so suggestions for great places for toddlers too please. Thanks in advance for your advice :-)
  15. SarahL

    Rough cost of emigrating...

    Thank you for everyone's responses, they've been really helpful. My husband is adamant that we won't go over until he has a job secured (Maths teacher) but I don't know how realistic that really is?!