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    Travel times from Currambine to CBD

    Hi verystormy, Arwen, lozzachino, Bibbs and GreenFamily, Thank you very much for all your replies. All answers are what I was hoping to hear. I personally don't like driving for commuting so it's just perfect! Have a good day guys!
  2. Hi folks in Perth, I am seriously considering moving to Perth. While I was selecting a few candidate suburbs over the internet, Burns beach/Iluka/Currambine areas came up. From the TransPerth site, the approx travel time with trains from Currambine to Perth Underground station takes 29min (trains are every 10min). This is absolutely the best scenario case I think. How about in real life? Are those trains normally OK? Are there lots of delays? How crowded are they? I heard that traffic on the freeway is pretty horrible - sounds like taking trains is way better idea. Do actually lots of people commute from Burns beach/ Currambine area in peak times? Looking forward to your reply + thanks in advance!
  3. DevKJ

    IT Job market in Perth

    Thanks for the tips. Thanks a lot.
  4. DevKJ

    IT Job market in Perth

    Awesome, Bibbs! This is what I have been looking forward to hearing!
  5. DevKJ

    IT Job market in Perth

    Thanks pegg & verystormy for your comments. I wish I could hear more positive news but thanks anyway.
  6. Hi folks! I am living in Auckland, NZ and thinking of moving to Perth (NZ citizen). Just wondering how job market in Perth is like. From Seek, I noticed that Perth is like 4th city in term of the number of IT jobs (followed by Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane) and this figure is less than the current Auckland IT job market. Bit worried due to some articles about Perth at the moment - economy has not been really good as mining industry has declined for some time. How is IT market? Would it be a still good idea to move there first and then search jobs? I have applied two jobs via Seek from Auckland. But it doesn't seem to be a good way as I ve got way less feedbacks than I usuallly receive in local. Any tips? Or any feedbacks? Thanks in advance. P.S A short description of myself - A s/w developer for past 7 years - mostly in CRM industry. - From windows applications, server sides (C# & C++) to the front end programming (Javascript, asp.net)