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  1. Fleursie


    I think i'll just contact the airline and see if they can open his return ticket. Thanks for your help.
  2. Fleursie


    Thanks Ali for your help. My husband flys on Sunday so chances we wont be able to get anything organised in time
  3. Fleursie


    Hi, I'm asking for help as my Husband has flown back to the UK for 12 days to see his terminally ill brother at short notice. We're both on resident return visas (subclass 155) with the one year travel facility. We misunderstood the original visa grant notice and thought his visa was valid until February 2018, when he landed at Heathrow they told him to check his visa as it had ran out in February 2017. I have paid for and applied for a new RRV on Monday 27th November hes meant to be flying back here on Sunday to arrive Monday but the processing times are 7 to 31 days ! What can i do ?? I've called 131881 with no help or joy I've emailed residentsreturn@boarder.gov.au 3 times with no reply. My husband is doing everything he can back in the UK bus isn't getting answers. We really need him to be on the flight on Sunday :-( Could he get a visitors visa and fly back to perth while the RRV is being processed ?? Any other ideas or help would be really appreciated ! Thank you
  4. Fleursie

    Shipping smaller items

    I was looking for recommendations regarding shipping some smaller personal items, a signed football shirt in a frame, 3 guitars an amp and some personal photos etc. Has anyone shipped smaller items like these and if so can you recommend a good company for a quote ? Thanks very much !
  5. Fleursie

    One way flights in November 2016

    Thanks Cammie !
  6. Hello, Looking for flights one way to Perth this November for my daughter and myself, need to pack as much as possible as I'm not shipping anything this time totally starting from scratch . I need good value airline who's got a good baggage allowance, I was thinking of pre booking excess baggage (just 1 case). Or has anyone ever used these companies which ship your bag ? I'm not in a huge hurry for the excess bag. Thank you
  7. Fleursie

    Moving back to Perth

    We originally emigrated to Perth in 2008 as permanent residents, things didn't exactly work to plan so we came back to the UK in 2012. Our eldest daughter remained in Perth with her Australian partner (they now have a gorgeous 2 year old girl). Myself and my other daughter who's 15years old decided we missed it all too much this year and reapplied for our visas Feb 2016 not thinking we'd ever get them granted but we did. We now have 1 year RRV and are returning this November so I can find a rental and hopefully get my daughter enrolled at Duncraig Senior High School. As far as I understand as long as we remain in Australia (which I fully intend to) this VISA fully entitles us to all we had before on our previous visa ? Just looking for a bit clarification, I absolutely cannot wait to arrive back permanently (I've been back a couple of times for holidays and a child birth :smile2:) My husband is coming over in Feb to validate his visa but he'll need to pop back to the UK occasionally, what are the restrictions for him on this visa ? Thanks for all your help if you can !