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  1. Husband might have MS. Can we still emigrate?

    Hi, No theres no definite diagnosis all we have been told is 50/50 chance but nothing else. We haven't had the health checks yet i don't think we are due those until may/june next year... but don't want to pay everything out, book flights and find accommodation to then be told he can't go.
  2. Husband might have MS. Can we still emigrate?

    Do you know how i can get in contact with him?
  3. Husband might have MS. Can we still emigrate?

    how do I contact George?
  4. Hi, We started the process in August to emigrate. All our documents have been sent over and are finding out around Christmas time whether we will be accepted He has just been taken into hospital with a suspected mini-stroke and has double vision. The doctors have said it wasn't a mini-stroke but theres a 50/50 chance it could be MS. We are waiting for an appointment to see the neurologist but they have said it could take 26 weeks (which takes us to April time) before even having an appointment. He has read somewhere that they can't diagnose MS until you have 2 episodes of it. He still has double vision but now has glasses to correct this, he is still working as a plasterer full time and doing activities i.e. climbing and mountain biking. We had started to get so excited and plan our future out there, but now worrying The visa's are going through based on my profession and my husband will be coming over as my partner. I was wondering if anyone has been through similar or knows if they will still accept us and pass him on a medical etc? Any help would be brilliant, Thank you Danielle
  5. School calendars

  6. School calendars

    Thank you for this .. I just couldn't seem to find it anywhere helps us plan things easier. All we need to figure out now is where and how to rent (with 1 toy poodle dog)
  7. School calendars

    Hi, I'm hoping to move to WA next July /September time and have just started to look through jobs that are advertised. I am a primary school teacher that has specialised in special needs and disabilities. I am am just wondering if anyone can inform me of how the school year runs I.e. In England the school year starts September until July with August as the summer holidays? Is this the same there or is it different due to different seasons etc? Thank you Danielle
  8. Special needs schools in Western Australia?

    Brilliant thank you. Well I currently work with All of them, there is a mixture in my class and previous classes that I have, so have the experience. Are there different establishment over there for these?
  9. Special needs schools in Western Australia?

    Thats brilliant, thank you. Yes this was the only school I found but couldn't find where the jobs were advertised... I'll see if I can find them via the gov web! 😊
  10. Hi, we have just started the process of emigrating to Australia and are hoping to settle in a suburb around Perth. I am a special needs school teacher, I love my job and was wondering if there are any special needs school in Western Australia? And if there are, where are they and how do I find them. Also, is there any websites to look on to find and look through the jobs available? Both teaching and all others. Thank you :smile2: