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  1. Car Import

    Thanks for your advice Guys
  2. Car Import

    Hi guys, hope someone could help me here as I am baffled and in desperate need of advice.. I'm just trying to weigh up whether to just wait until we arrive in perth to get a vehicle or get one now while in the UK and import it over with me.. I have been told I will need to own the vehicle for over 12months? Is this 100% true or is there any way around this? The next thing is what tax do we have to pay on our vehicle when It arrives in oz? I know there is GST & import tax but I have been told we may have to pay luxury car tax? Does anyone know anything about this or can offer any advice? Thanks in advance
  3. Car Import

    This is why I have asked as were in the dark and needed a bit of advice Basically we have been holding out buying a new car until we arrive in Perth but our car is just simply too small for our family it's driving us mad! lol And due to work commitments we could be in the UK for the next 6-12months! Not only this I have seen that Cars are a hell of a lot more over in Perth, which is kind of daunting when purchasing a vehicle. So my thoughts of shipping, were it may have been worth while financially too as could have saved some money overall. Will take a look on pomsinoz
  4. Almost a year in

    Amazing news! Glad it's going well! What a positive update for us thats currently waiting for the right time to pack our things to move! Thank you very much!
  5. Uk gas engineer looking for work in perth

    Hello Damien, I'm a plumber/gas man. First things first, is to get the visa..... Are you looking at a permanent visa? If so you will need to get your skills assessed via vet assess, pass an Ielts english test etc (all of which can be a mission! Hard work!) then once thats sorted your obviously eligible to make the move. (this process took me 2-3years!!) When you get to Oz, you will need to enrol onto a course which is called "Migrant Gap training" this is about a 2-4 week course which then enables you to work for another plumbing contractor under their license. (without this you cannot work as a plumber) If you liked you could continue to keep working this way and working for various companies as a sub-contractor or employee. Your other option is to gain your own plumbing licence. I have been told this will take between 12-18 months. You will need to be working within the industry gaining experience in the required course sections collecting evidence as you did with your NVQ (if this is what you have) Once you have your own licence you can then sign off your own work and have people working for you under your licence. I am currently in the UK, we have our permanent residency visa's but things are pretty busy for me at the minute so I'm getting the pennies in while I can. We will be making the move soon but we are cautious of how much work is actually available over in Perth. I have a friend who's a subby who hasn't got a licence but has worked under someone elses since he has been there (4 years) but changes jobs regularly. He has had tough times, but he has WA experience now so is more appealing to employers than you and I would be. This is something to seriously be mindful about, WA experience!!! We have none! So unfortunately we have to work our way back up! even if this means a few weeks for free! and things are done differently out there too... On the bright side, the place is absolutely beautiful! And to be able to walk along the beach after graft with my kids, sun shining is more than compensating to have to put a bit of foot work in to kick start my oz career. I hope this helps and answers some of your questions, if you need anymore info just let me know. Cheers, Dan
  6. Can you help any advice?

    Thanks Collie. Thats really helpful, thanks for clarifying
  7. Can you help any advice?

    Meant to say we lived in it since I brought it I have another question if thats ok... but want to explain my situation so your clear on our position... We got our permanent residency visa's granted last September, we then flew over to Perth in March for two weeks to validate our visa's and then came home to work and save our pennies for the move. With the house as we clarified earlier this is our main home so there is no tax to pay the UK side. There isn't any tax on this to pay in Australia is there? Also the money separate to this which we have saved up by working in the UK, this doesn't get taxed in Australia too doe's it?
  8. Can you help any advice?

    thanks Alan... yes i have owned t since i have brought it and its my main home so all good!
  9. Can you help any advice?

    Hi Alan, just read your post and I have a question, hope you don't mind... If you are a British citizen and a resident, you have gained your Australian permanent residency visa now you are looking to sell up and make the move. So you sell your property, you have 100k towards your oz purchase. Do you have to pay tax to UK government on this figure? and in Australia too?
  10. Transferring Money after we move

    I was going to ask you this same question. Who are the tax experts on the forum John do you know?
  11. Visa Validation

    Hi All We are travelling to Perth on Monday, to activate our PR visa. Was just wondering what we have to do to validate it? Just make entry or do we have to go somewhere and register ourselves? Thanks in advance
  12. Visa Validation

    Thanks Ali
  13. A decade in Aus

    Lovely read, congratulations on 10 years in oz x
  14. we're on our way - visas granted!

    Hi Ktg, if you don't mind me asking what does your hubby do? We've got our visa's and I'm a plumber, but i'm holding off the move until I know the job front is a bit better...
  15. Visa Granted

    Hi All, We got the news we were waiting for..... Visa's Granted!! Probably one of the most stressful experiences we've had! lol Particularly that bloody IELTS! oh well we got there!! Now to start saving ready for the move! I just hope things pick up and change economically very soon though!
  16. Visa Granted

    Definitely! I'm always checking the rates it's like an obsession! lol It has crept back up a bit the past month or so but as soon as the UK triggers article 50 I think it will be dropping again! but we shall see! All the best for you guys too!! Let us know when you do decide to go or how it is when your there.
  17. Visa Granted

    I know the feeling with leaving family, It's definitely going to be hard. I'm 34 and my wifes 29... Kevin and perry stage, I bet thats fun! We've got all that to come! haha I always knew we would need three or four months to get on our feet over there, but I think it may end up being more of a struggle than that.. I think for us were going to monitor things over there and see for the signs of improvement. We have got to validate our visa's by end of September so I think we'll see what happens between now and then.. Hopefully The exchange rate will get better too!
  18. Visa Granted

    That will be nice. Especially to have some family with you! Yeah we have kids, we've got a son that is 6 and a daughter that is 3.. we haven't got to worry to much about exams yet... Let's just hope things start to change soon on the job front over there for us, this is our main worry at the minute
  19. Visa Granted

    Thank you! well done to you too! It is definitely exciting and nervous times! We have friends north of the river in Tapping and Kingsley, so we are looking up north. But the area all depends on money to be honest. Although i'm a plumber by trade i'm not sure if I can base our lifestyle on plumbers wages to start as from what i am seeing it may be a struggle to get into the trade immediately, so may be labouring or what ever to get by. However, we do like Jindalee! Have you any areas you were looking to move too? and when are you thinking of going?
  20. Form 80 character reference

    Hi Guys Hoping somebody can point us in the right direction as it isn't very clear via the immigration department and they are not responding to my emails. We have now been allocated a case officer who has asked for additional documents medical, police check + form 80. How can I send form 80 across to them as it is 18 pages long and I have used 55 of my 60 document space already on my immi account?
  21. Form 80 character reference

    Managed to sort it now. Thanks for the help It has all been submitted now to the case officer so just a waiting game now. How will we know if we have got our visa's do they email when its all been done and been accepted?
  22. Form 80 character reference

    I just did this and its 18 pages and it has totalled up to 27mb and the maximum per document is 5mb... I used there info on scanning documents at 96dpi too but the total is too big... Wish i had known how to scan multiple pages as one before as i have previously uploaded all my documents individually! haha Oh well, never mind.. I will try and call them tonight. Thanks for that info Ktg
  23. Ielts

    Hiya, I think you do. However, it all depends on what visa you are applying for? If it is a skilled independent 189 (which it sounds like it is) you will be required to achieve 60 points. Part of this is taking an english test to gain you points... You will find all information and guidance you require on skillselect.gov.au Hope this helps
  24. Visa Application

    Hi All, need help if possible please. We have been invited to apply for our visa! Which were ecstatic about! Anyhow, we have gone through the process of opening up an immi account, paid the funds required and uploaded all my certificates, evidence etc (well, what I could as only allowed 60 documents) I have booked the families medicals and sent off for mine and the wife's police check, and this I believe is the last two pieces of the puzzle before I submit it. (We have until November to do this but It shall be done before this) Anyway, my wife seems to think we have previously read somewhere that you have to wait for your case officer before you book your medicals or police checks... I'm not sure if this is true or not? Can anyone who has recently been through this shed any light?
  25. Visa Application

    Yeah will definitely keep you posted Ktg, we'll be up north Perth 100%, & will be at the Perth poms meet up's too! loulou are you another one moving to tapping then!?