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  1. Not going to stay with there company long going by the qualifications on my CV.
  2. Hi everyone me and my partner are 29 and 21. We have recently moved over from Reading UK, I am an electrician but can't seem to find any work to get my eprofiling completed. Were up for meeting up.
  3. I've been here for nearly 3 months and can't get a sniff of work. I was told by one employer - looking at your cv you won't stay here very long. I've done my Part A for the gap training and need an employer to work for to complete the eprofiling. Which company do you work for Mark? I've applied for around 250 jobs in all different fields and rung over 200 electrical companies. I'm living in Perth and any help would be much appreciated. Thankyou
  4. richwest25

    Sparky Jobs In Perth

    Hi everyone, I have completed my Part A gap training and am now looking for an employer to complete my eprofiling. Does anyone know any companies that will take me on? I am living in Mandurah but willing to travel. I also have my white card and full driving licence. Thanks