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  1. To all nurses, a question having already being registered with aphra for 4 yrs, and returned to Ireland in May 2015 without renewing our registration now we wish to return how long to get renewal through . They have most of our information due to pervious registration. Any been through the same thing , what problems did you experience? I know if you are new applicate you have to have a degree , have tried emailing aphra and getting to reply. Any info greatly appreciated. Ta
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    Buying a house

    That's good to hear
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    Buying a house

    Thanks for that info!
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    Buying a house

    We are a couple mid forties with 2 kids 10 and 8 , hoping to move back to Perth what are the chances of getting a mortgage at our age have previously lived there and kept our bank account opened . Anybody of the same age found it difficult to get a mortgage , both nurses hoping to work full-time ! Any advice
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    Resident return visa

    Hi all just a question we got our PR visa in 2010 moved to Perth in June 2011 and due to family illness and homesickness we returned in May 2015. We returned to Ireland we are both nurses which we knew the irish health system problems even though we have work , we have family around but child care is difficult due to shift work , the child are system here is not flexible for school going childern , working conditions are inflexible due the staff shortages. We wish to apply for RRV but not to sure weather we should apply directly or go through an agent. Also we need to re register with aphra and just wondering how quickly it is to re register . My husband works in ED , but worked in ICU when we lived in Perth , I currently work in aged care nurse but when we lived in Perth in worked in oncology for 4 yrs. We kept our bank accounts and superannuation so just wondering how easy would be to get jobs and back into the system. We miss the lifestyle so much and time off together as a family. We rented out our house when we were Aus so we will be selling our house to fund the move as this where we really want to maybe we hard to come home to realise. It's the whole packing up and doing this all again and the stress off moving again. Any advice please