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  1. Thank you all for you generosity and advice
  2. Hello, can I ask the collective advice of the forum ; I am a surgeon moving to Perth for 1 year only next year to work in a central perth hospital along with my family - wife and 2 children 6 & 3 I am going to be on a 457 visa , and I imagine I will be busy during the day and so want to make sure my wife and kids are set up in a part of the city which has the best access to schools, beaches , shops and generally stuff to keep everyone happy I dont mind a bit of a commute to work , I was looking at cottesloe, peppermint grove, or subicaco as potential places. ideally I would like my kids to go to the same school , given that on a 457 visa i need to pay $4000 for public schools im happy to pay for private schools to find a good one. Given I will be in perth only for 1 year Im willing to spend a bit more to make sure my family are happy and well settled in a great area So any advice on location and suitable schools would be really helpful many thanks