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  1. Hi everyone Anyone know of a good family day care near to Sorrento? Looking for a spot for my son from late Jan who will be about 12 months by then. Would need to drop off on my way into the city so could be somewhere near to Sorrento or nearer to the CBD. Otherwise any recommendations for other good childcare options much appreciated! Cheers Sarah
  2. Wilberdoo

    Northern Suburbs Making Friends

    Hi everyone, myself and my husband Simon have just moved to Perth from Sydney (we arrived last Thursday). We're moving into a long term rental in Sorrento in a couple of weeks and are also really keen to start making some friends! We moved from Bristol to Sydney in 2012 but decided to make the move to WA as wanted a quieter and less expensive lifestyle for our little family. We are currently in a short term rental in North Perth. My job transferred from Sydney and I start back at work after maternity leave full time in a weeks time. My husband is going to be looking after our 9 month old boy Ted until he starts his job in Jan. Happy to host a BBQ at ours once we are settled - can't wait to move in as we have a pool for the first time!!