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  1. Bites already!

    Hi Jen I can sympathise. We went to peel winery on Sunday for the day. Silly me wore sandals, and got bitten all over my foot, leg and arm. Sunday night my foot went purple, Monday it swelled with the most horrendous pain, andTuesday I was at the docs where she told me I have cellulitis in my right foot from a bite. I'm on two lots of strong antibiotics and not allowed to move around. Great stuff. Foots a little better today, but back to the docs tomorrow for a check over. Do keep an eye on your oozing bite , it could be infected. It's just my luck though, I got bitten by mozzies occasionally in the uk, but never had cellulitis before. Been here 7 weeks and this happens 😔 I have bought some bushman super strength spray. Makes me smell like a citronella candle, but hopefully it will work!
  2. We are finally here!

    @qprdan123 Ah not too far from us we are from Rochester. My other half worked in Ashford for a while, so we popped into the Outlets quite a bit for a coffee. Sounds like your daughter did ok on her first day. We had our meeting at Mandurah yesterday and after months of 'I'm not going there, I want to go to comet bay", our daughter has decided she now wants to go to Mandurah baptist. Going to cost a fortune, but she's only got a few months left of year 10, and hopefully we will have found work by the time she starts year 11! What line of work are you in? If you both fancy meeting up at some point with us (weather seems to have improved!) send me a pm 😊
  3. We are finally here!

    @JaseandAnne Hi, yes Golden Bay isn't far from us, we popped there to look at the show homes the other day (good way to kill time on a rainy day!) We've had our meeting at Comet Bay, got our meeting at Mandurah Baptist this morning. Once that's done our daughter will decide where she wants to go. We've been here 5 weeks now, and feeling more settled, though I'll be glad when our daughters made some new friends. Think she's starting to miss her friends back home now, especially the socialising aspect. I too have heard good and bad about Comet Bay, though I feel if your children want to do well in school they will regardless. It can't be any worse than the school my daughter left in the U.K! 😏 When do your girls move over? @qprdan123 Hi, How are you finding secret harbour? We have family there, who love it. What year will your daughter be going into? Year 11? I see in another post you are from Kent, where abouts? We are from Kent too!
  4. We are finally here!

    @HarryStyles Oh no! Sorry to hear that, hope your youngest is feeling better soon. Same thing happened with our daughter years back, 2 days before we were due to fly out on our hols to Florida. Had to cancel and rebook for two weeks later, so I can sympathise. Where are you looking to base yourselves when you come over? Not much advice I can give you other than don't just bring flip flops and shorts! 😂 The nights do get chilly here, first thing I did was pop to Kmart to grab slippers. It's been getting up to 18-19.c during the day, but it rains a lot at the mo, so you'll need a jacket/Mac etc. Umbrellas do not stay up in the wind we've had here! All the best for your move over xx
  5. We are finally here!

    Just realised I've spoken to you before, on another post a few months back. It's weird to think a few months back I was thinking are we ever going to get there, and now here we are! I'm not driving at the moment. I only passed one week before leaving the uk,so just trying to sort out my driving license over here at the moment. Unfortunately I didn't get my full uk license before I left as it was going to take the DVLA 3 weeks. They require lots of i.d here, so I'm having to wait for it all to arrive. At the moment I'm being chauffeured around by the other half, though I'm sure he prefers it this way 😂 As soon as I'm sorted, I'm sure I'll be able to make it to Fremantle for a coffee. My other half is a Civil Engineer/QS so he's just started looking for work. Hopefully he will get lucky sooner rather than later, as things seem expensive here when your constantly converting everything back into Uk £. Xx
  6. We are finally here!

    Hello to both of you. 😊 A meet up would be great. We haven't got jobs as yet, so just enjoying mooching around, exploring the place before the normal routine sets in. @qprdan123 our daughter is looking at comet bay college or Mandurah Baptist. Can't get to look around the school until the 1st August as that's when they are doing their tour. Think she already has her heart set on Comet Bay though. My daughter will kill me for saying she's 14 when she is infact 15! I'm losing track of time obviously 😂 @Jen78 Think your about 45 mins away from me. I see you're not too far from Fremantle. We popped up there last week, quite liking the brewery place on the front. Can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can go and enjoy the beaches a bit more. I am 36, my partners 40. What about yourselves? Xx
  7. We are finally here!

    Well after all the months of prep, applying for the visa and selling our house, we have finally landed in Perth to start a new life. We landed just over a week ago, and it's all feeling a bit surreal at the mo. We are staying in Lakelands, south of Perth, near to Mandurah at the mo and it seems a nice place to live. In the past week we've managed to set up bank accounts and Medicare and are now trying to sort out a high school for our 14 yr old daughter. When people in Perth told us it rains heavy here, they weren't wrong! It's absolutely chucked it down everyday since we arrived. However, we've also experienced some sunny days and if this is their winter then we will easily go along with it! 😄 Just waiting for our shipping boxes to arrive now, so we feel a little more 'at home'. Anybody else here local to us?
  8. Friends

    Thats great news Jen78, also nice that you'll have some time to settle in as a family too! My husband has just found out that two companies he has previously worked for a few years back have branches in Perth city so fingers crossed he gets lucky on the job front when the time comes. Have to get our house sold before we can make any concrete plans. Hope your move over goes well
  9. Friends

    Hi Ladies Won't be moving out till April/May, but would be great to get to know some people once we have arrived. I'm 36, husband is 40 and we have a 14 year old daughter. Looking to move slightly further south around the Secret Harbour area but not a million miles away @Jen78 I see your hubby is in Engineering? What kind? Mine is a Civil Engineer/QS. Currently looking into the job situation for Engineers, I've heard things are a bit slow in Perth at the mo
  10. Visa Granted

    Will do! Thank you
  11. Visa Granted

    I hope so, be nice if it could creep back up to the good old days of over $2 to the pound. Doubt it very much though! Well all the best for the year ahead, hope it all goes smoothly for you!
  12. Visa Granted

    Yes nice to have some support when we land, however I will be leaving all my family behind which is super hard. I'm 35 partners 39, and whilst my parents are only in their 60's I will still worry about them constantly as they age. Aw you have little ones, hopefully they will settle easily being younger. Our daughter is really excited about going, I just hope she settles in school and makes friends ok, bit harder when your a teenager going through the 'Kevin and Perry' stage!!! Yes fingers crossed jobs will improve. I'm hoping we make enough from our house sale to tide us over for a few months. Well that's my plan. When are you looking to go?
  13. Visa Granted

    Ahh we are heading in the opposite direction down south, my husbands family live in Secret Harbour, they emigrated 10 years back so pretty settled now. We are looking around Lakelands, which is near to them. Probably looking to go around May depending on whether we have sold out house. My husband is a civil engineer/quantity surveyor, think jobs in his area are pretty hard to come by too at the mo. See what happens in the next few months. Do do you have kids? We've got one daughter who is 15 in March so looking into the schools/exams etc at the mo.
  14. Visa Granted

    Congratulations!!! We received ours a couple of weeks back. It's a great feeling, excited and nervous at the same time. Do do you know where you are looking to move to?
  15. U.K. Based agents

    We also used Immigration2Oz they are Mara registered and have been wonderful. We received our 189 Visa grants this afternoon!