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    electrical licence application

    Yes I did, I had to do this to even be allowed to apply for the visa.
  2. sparker

    electrical licence application

    Thanks. I have looked at the link posted above and knew about the log book but didn't realise it was going to be such a drawn out process. Or that it would have to be with an electrical contractor, as my employer is not a contractor but he employs electricians to wire the shutters after installation. Looks like it it's going to be more difficult than expected!
  3. sparker

    electrical licence application

    Roller shutter installation. It says up to 12 months on the licence application??
  4. I have arrived in Perth sponsored as an electrician. Can anyone give me any advice on getting the licence so i can work unsupervised as it is looking like a much more difficult task than 1st seemed. My employer is not an electrical contractor so we aren't sure how we are likely to get through all the 'red tape!' Thanks