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    First ensure that your resume is clear and relevant. Less is more. Ensure that your resume clearly states your visa if you are PR so you don't sponsorship etc. Second, be positive and persistent and flexible. Third, network, get the West Australian paper on Saturdays. There are lot of people that over look this. Keep on with Seek etc. Try Gumtree as well, it's more miss then hit, but worth a try.
  2. Sashamb

    Renting an unit/apartment

    You should not have any issues as the vacancy rates are really high at the moment. Just get a print out of your bank statement (most recent) and you will be fine. I rented out my apartment to a young couple (on working holiday visa) that just arrived in Perth. Also this place has been a rental for 7 years and during that time most of my tenants (80%) didn't have a job. Also most were all on visa of some sort and I have never had an issue. New arrivals are lot better tenants then locals in my opinion, especially if they are on a visa. I had only 1 tenant that was Australian and he was the only one who was late with rent. Also, check out Gumtree for rentals, you are lot more likely to deal with owners which is a better way to go in my opinion.
  3. Sashamb

    Should we buy and bring a tumble dryer?

    We got one off Gumtree for $150. There is a guy that restores them and sells them. Old pensioner that does this for bit of extra cash. We had ours for 3 years and it’s still going strong. You will only need it for 3 months of the year, if that. I wouldn’t bring it from the UK due to the cost, and you can always get it second hand one on Gumtree. Cheers Sasha
  4. I would suggest you move your trip to September or October, otherwise the whether will be the same/similar as in the UK. Lots of good ideas here http://www.buggybuddys.com.au/kids_in_perth.html Also Adventure World will be closed, but there is a new park across the road, which is one of the better parks i have seen. While you are at it, go for a walk around Bibra Lake. Personally i like the South West on WA. We have been to this place few times https://www.stayz.com.au/accommodation/wa/great-southern/porongurup-ranges/81968 Also Albany is nice place and its near by. In terms of schools, it depends on what type of education you are looking for. Public, private, hippy etc. If you want schools like http://www.perthmontessori.wa.edu.au/ then you should sign up your kid now, as the wait is like 3 years or something.
  5. Sashamb

    New to site, not new to Perth

    No worries Ali.
  6. Sashamb

    Best bank account for new arrivals?

    Hi Ali Was the Westpac best out of the big 4? Rate is important, but lot of the time, it comes down to policy. But if the policy is not an issue, then shop for better rate I say. You should be able to get your variable rate under 4%, provided you have 20% equity in your home. Cheers Sasha
  7. If you've ever applied for credit or a loan (whether or not you went ahead), you are likely to have a credit report. Credit providers use the information in your credit report to help work out whether you can afford a loan, or a larger credit limit on an existing loan, and whether you are likely to repay it. It's a good idea to check your credit report every year. As well as affecting your ability to get credit, incorrect listings can alert you to things like identity theft, where other people use your personal information for financial gain (see below). Here are 2 useful links https://www.moneysmart.gov.au/tools-and-resources/publications/factsheet-your-credit-report https://www.oaic.gov.au/individuals/faqs-for-individuals/credit-reporting/accessing-your-credit-report I would use either Veda or Dun and Bradstreet. I would also not pay for it, if you do not need it urgently. As for obtaining credit to pay off and boost your credit rating; I would not bother doing this if you are going for a home loan. Cheers Sasha
  8. Sashamb

    Best bank account for new arrivals?

    Hi Mazey When it comes to everyday transaction account, they are all the same. What I would look for is the account keeping fees. Also, if you are looking at credit cards, you should also find a card that doesn’t charge you an annual fee. We use https://financialservices.coles.com.au/credit-cards/no-annual-fee-mastercard If you are looking at a mortgage; then the big 4 are not as competitive as lot of the smaller lenders. This is where you can save real money. Hope this helps. Cheers Sasha
  9. Sashamb

    money/finance/mortgage question?

    Hi Pegg I have a client that I have got a pre-approval for yesterday. He is casual, with only 2 payslips and a group certificate from last financial year (from the old employer). With this lender, you will need about 6 % deposit (if you are first home buyer, about 8% if you are not first home buyer), you will need to be a PR and employed in the same position/line of work for over 12 months. Send us a PM if you want to chat more about it. Cheers Sasha
  10. Sashamb

    New to site, not new to Perth

    Hi Kate Yes, I can help. I will send you a PM. I am new to this forum, and not sure what i can post (in terms of business rules) as per above administrators request. I don't want to get waked. Cheers Sasha
  11. I have put together this easy-to-read guide outlining the requirements. 1.Deposit a. You can get away with as little as 1% deposit BUT most of the time you will need a minimum 5% deposit. The ideal deposit is 20%. b. Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) will apply to those who don’t have 20% deposit. This can be added on top of your loan, so you don’t need to have these funds upfront. c. If you don’t have enough deposit, a guarantor might be an option. If you have a guarantor, you will not need to pay LMI, you will get a better interest rate, and there are more lenders to choose from. d. If you have a property with enough equity you don’t need a deposit and you can also borrow money for stamp duty. 2.Money for stamp duty and other settlement costs a. If you are a first home buyer you won’t pay stamp duty when buying established homes up to $430,000. b. If you are building, there is no stamp duty for a block up to $300,000 (you only pay stamp duty on the land) c. Other settlement costs: I would budget about $2,500 to $3,000 for settlement agent fees, shire/water rates etc. d. If you don’t have funds for stamp duty, there are lenders who will lend you this amount. 3.A job that pays enough to service the loan and your other commitments a. Acceptable income includes casual, contract, self-employed, Family tax benefit A and B and various others b. With income, it is ideal that you would be employed with the same employer for at least 3 months and you are not on probation c. There are other lenders that can take you if you are on probation and if you are on short term casual If you want to know how much you can borrow, what deposit you need, stamp duty costs, or if you have any questions, just let me know. As a Mortgage Broker, I will take you through the whole process and sort out everything on your behalf. Best of all, it won’t cost you anything. Regards Sasha – Mortgage Broker
  12. Hi Druid You can get away with 2 % deposit. You can use your first home owner grant ($10,000) as part for that deposit. So, you only really need 1% deposit, which will need to be in your account for a minimum of 3 months. Conditions on the above are Property you are looking to build is under $480,000 You do not exceed/go over income restrictions $75,000 (Singles), $95,000 (Couples) and $115,000 (Families) Also with the above lender there is no Lenders Mortgage Insurance. Second option of low deposit is 5 % deposit. You will need 3 % (which will need to be in your account for a minimum of 3 months) and you can use your first home owner grant ($10,000) as part for that deposit to make up 5%. You will pay Lenders Mortgage Insurance but you will get better rate and more borrowing capacity, with no restrictions on income. The above scenarios are for building and not established. Also, it is for first home buyers in Australia. Must be PR etc. I can keep going, but I will just bore you. Shoot me a PM and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Cheers Sasha
  13. Sashamb

    broker or bank ?

    Hi Pegg Have you got enough equity in your home? If so, you can use the equity for personal investment, which the vintage/classic car can fall under. As for bank V broker. I say go with the broker (and yes i would say that as i am a broker) but the bank will only be able to tell you about their products. CBA will not tell you about ANZ's products. Broker can compare all the suitable lenders, give you more choice, and save you the run around. Best of all it wont cost you anything to use a broker. Also about car finances, be aware of the 0% finance that some car yards offer. Where they will make their money is on the price (which will be higher) of the car and you will end up paying lot more. In any case, car dealerships finance is much more expensive and you can get a better deal anywhere else you go.
  14. Sashamb

    New to site, not new to Perth

    Hello Everyone I am new to this site but i am not new to Perth. I am a Mortgage Broker helping clients with all things home/investment property fiance. I had couple of mates (originally from the UK) that suggested i should sign up here; as there are lot of people new to the country, and who might need assistance with buying property/obtaining fiances. So here i am. Basically my service is free to clients as i get paid by the banks by bringing them clients. My role is to do the shopping around for you and ensuring that the loan suits your needs and that you need the lenders lending policy. Most of all, i am very honnest and upfront. I have genuine interst in helping peopel and what i do. So if you are buying, building or looking to get a better interest rate, i can help. On a personal note, i am father of 2 boys (1yo and 4yo) who likes to hang out with family, beach, beer (i love beer, but on in an alcoholic kinda way ) I work hard. Anyways hope you all are well and I am looking forward to contributing to this forum. Cheers Sasha