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  1. Please have a look, I'm sure there is a deal to be had. One of the items is the family car. Hyundai i30 1.8 GD Elite 2012 72,000 k well equipped and full service history, we purchased it from dealer. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-seller/Raymond%20Butler/1014713726
  2. It's looking like it's going to be a wash out it's going to rain on and off all day, so BBQ off. I will pop up to Eden Beach at 2pm, if anyone wants to say hello, there is some under cover areas, I will be there near the kids playground.
  3. Hi, Arranging a meet up for all the Northern Suburbs. It would be nice to meet all the Perth Poms. Eden Beach has great play area and lots of undercover Benches and free BBQ. Please let me know if you can make it, I will be wearing a white Pitcher Partners baseball cap, if it's not too windy ;-) Also we have a WhatsApp group now, so anyone not invited to the group, please drop me a PM with your mobile number and I will add you to the group. Cheers Ray
  4. rbutler

    4 days in so far so good!

    Hi Jen, Congrats on the move, we came to Perth in late October with a 2 year old who will be 3 in March, it's been some what difficult. We have a group on WhatsApp if you want me to add you PM me your mobile. Bye for now Ray,
  5. rbutler

    Northern Suburbs Making Friends

    Will know next week WhatsApp is official now, we have a group
  6. rbutler

    Northern Suburbs Making Friends

    Ha Edna, I bet that was you with a silver people carrier, unfortunately I was on the phone just after 4pm for a while trying to convince a guy to give me a job. Next time I will wear my Pitcher Partners White base ball cap, I don't own an umbrella, that's the whole reason why I came to WA, to get away from the rain I will PM you my number, I do WhatsApp from time to time... It was bloody windy at Eden Beach, nice spot tho. Cheers Ray
  7. rbutler

    Northern Suburbs Making Friends

    Same here, If you want my mobile number, then please PM. I think we need Perth Pom badges I'm good for next week Tuesday if anyone is interested in meeting up... Cheers, Ray
  8. rbutler

    Northern Suburbs Making Friends

    Hi, I'm planning on going...
  9. rbutler

    Northern Suburbs Making Friends

    Do we need to all wear funny hats so we know who each other are or a name badge like "I'm a Perth Pom!" ;-) I will be there...
  10. Hi Ash, I have just moved from the UK, drop me a PM and we can have a chat. Cheers, Ray
  11. rbutler

    Northern Suburbs Making Friends

    Sounds like a good idea, keep me posted.. Raymond.
  12. Hi, We have moved from Huddersfield, Yorkshire to Perth in Nov 2016, currently living in Burns Beach area. I'm looking after our 30 month year old daughter.
  13. rbutler

    Northern Suburbs Making Friends

    Hi Ktg, I cannot drive 3.5 Ton trucks unless I take a test, which I could in the UK, welcome to Perth, we have had the same types of conversation, everything costs... I even thought of doing Uber for a while just to get some cash in, and guess what you need to have held an Australian drivers license for more than a year, but I have only just got mine, so that's out.. It's tough times in WA at the moment and the health service is on it's knees too, we thought the NHS was poor, hell no. Tapping is like 15 mins away, we are in Burns Beach, I have a 30 month year old daughter who I look after, keep trying to find things to do, if you fancy a chat text me 0411 984 310. TTFN Raymond.
  14. rbutler

    Northern Suburbs Making Friends

    I feel your pain KTG, we are in the same boat, jobs are rare, all you can do is keep trying and it will turn around, it's just starting too for us, only 6 weeks in. Raymond.
  15. Hi, I go most Thursdays around 10:30, if anyone is interested in meeting up drop me a PM. http://www.atlantisonline.com.au/home/play_centre/play_centre.aspx cheers, Raymond.