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  1. scottyboy2017

    Bank Transfers.... Best way to deal with Oz $

    Hi thanks for all above advice. I stupidly transferred money from my UK Lloyd's account and have been waiting over 1 week now for the money to come through into my Commonwealth account. Hopefully will get a trace sorted today.
  2. scottyboy2017

    Northern Suburbs Making Friends

    Another 12 days and I should be down in Ptown. Would be nice to meet some of you. Enjoy your meet.... Beach, BBQ & Sandwiches. Scott
  3. scottyboy2017

    Bank Transfers.... Best way to deal with Oz $

    Thanks for the above information, I have opened an account with CBA from Offshore. A great help. One less thing to worry about now.
  4. I havent yet started researching the forums regarding money..... i.e opening bank accounts. Whats going to be the best way for me to withdraw money. I bank with Lloyds in the UK, obviously if I withdraw money from the UK I will be charged International Fees.... Am I best to open an Oz account and transfer the money?? Any bank recommendations??? Thanks Scott
  5. scottyboy2017

    Young people in Rockingham?!

    Hi Autumn, I'll be moving down in around 2.5 weeks and will be in need of some friends and people to hang out with. Beers & Beach? PM me your number and I'll message you on whatsapp.
  6. scottyboy2017

    New Year, New Me, New People.

    Thanks again for your comments, I fully understand the current climate regarding the O&G sector. This is not just in WA. This is world wide. The North Sea oil workers have been effected massively, I know personally around 50 guys that have been paid off. However there is still work globally. Im currently in Africa installing a 200 km oil pipeline and the vessels day rate contract has been lowered from $500,000 per day to $43,000 per day. The conditions here are horrendous with no fresh fruit on-board. 1 box of Bananas turned up for 273 people on-board. Suck it up buttercup. If there are no Oil/Mine/Engineering companies in WA, who do not wish to employ a 29 year old holding a Class 2 Engineering Certificate an HND in Marine Engineering (Qualifications reeming out my arse) and having sailed on some the worlds largest vessels and worked for Oil Majors then the world has well and truly went bonkers. They are more than obliged to employ Mike the window cleaner from Freemantle, cause his Dads brother used to drop the mail off at the office. Unfortunately Offshore Incest is the word game. Im willing to take a chance and willing to contribute to Australian Society. If I read correctly that Perth has the highest number of self made millionaires in the world. There is an opportunity for anyone to give it a try. But maybe not being knees deep in 273 peoples Sewage on the January 1st (My year can surely only get better). Thanks again.... if you see any jobs Keep me posted.
  7. scottyboy2017

    New Year, New Me, New People.

    Thanks for pissing on my chips, I was in Australia in Perth 5 years ago and stood outside a hotel overhearing a Dr of Engineering saying that this country need more Engineers. Maybey I am too late. But trust me... I will set up a tent outside the Oil companies offices if I have too when I arrive. Im not one for giving up easily.
  8. scottyboy2017

    New Year, New Me, New People.

    So since its the last day of the year and I had access to a computer on this ship, during my lunch break I have went online and applied for a WHV. So fingers crossed next year I will have been accepted for it and my Evisitor visa will be no more. A difficult year behind and positive year ahead. Fingers crossed I get it. Im waiting to hear back from Hays recruitment and Programmed Marine international regarding meeting them when I land in Perth. Give myself a week to get feet under the table and then go from there. I will keep you all updated with News and I really appreciate all your help and input. Glad I found this forum site and hopefully meet some of you in the not so distant future. Elfie, where did you see these adverts? I have seen a few on seek.com.au. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!
  9. scottyboy2017

    New Year, New Me, New People.

    Thanks again for the info, its really giving me confidence that I can get there and set up shop down under. "it will give you a year to find an employer to sponsor you for a 457 or even a permanent residency visa if you qualify for that, so please consider taking advantage of this route." How does it working regarding getting permanent residency visa? Dual Citizenship? I have a British Passport and have lived in the UK my whole life (29 Years). Thanks again Scott. Hope you all a great New year! & See 2017 in with a bang!
  10. scottyboy2017

    New Year, New Me, New People.

    Great great advice from you all. Brilliant forum. I check this daily more than my facebook account now. ha ha. I have another question, basically. If I apply for a WHA and this cancels my Evisitor visa. What happens in the 12 months that I have an active WHA and say for example, someone takes ill back home in the UK? Or if I have to take work overseas offshore again. Will I be able to return to Australia? I know a girl from the UK and she told me because she didnt take regional work they wouldn't allow her back, or something along those lines. Im assuming has no trade. I will have more questions for sure regarding the move there!! Accommodation advice will be coming soon. Thanks everyone for your help.
  11. scottyboy2017

    New Year, New Me, New People.

    Thanks Ali and very Stormy for your replies. Does anyone know if this will affect my chances of being accepted for WHV if I already have a Evisitor visa??? As in I already have an evisitor in place.... will I still be able to apply for WHV?? Yes the downturn has affected alot of people globally. Im currently working in Africa and as soon as I get off this rust bucket I will be heading to Perth. 19th January. I have a cousin to stay with in Hemlsley (I Think) and I have some friends over in Hyden. Im massively exited and I hope there are great opportunitys for me to find work down there. I have arranged to go into Hays recruitment office and meet some recruiters and sit down with my CV and certs. Is it worth going into speak to Citizens Advice?? To find out about various things... National insurance etc? Thanks alot for your help, hopefully get to meet some of you people. Scott
  12. scottyboy2017

    New Year, New Me, New People.

    Hi Everyone, Aye aye another Brit heading down for sun kissed barbies. Im 29 from Newcastle, I'm a Marine Engineer heading down to Perth around 19th Jan 2017. I have around 10 years of Engineering experience on large commercial vessels and offshore construction and Dive support vessels. Basically im coming down on a Evisitor visa in the hope that I can try and find some work.... Will I need a WHV or a 457 visa to allow me to work down there? I have been to Perth once before for 1 night and flew up to Karratha the following day to Join a ship to take to Japan. I didnt see much one bar that was it. I will be staying with my cousin up near Helmsley I think its called. Can anyone HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP???? Advice etc... Thanks Have a great NY. Scotty