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  1. Hi Everyone From what i can see all ready this forum is the place to get the advice and the information needed.... We are a couple looking at moving to Perth within the next 3 years, we have friends in Perth (well will have when she moves back), who will be based on Margret River. We are planning a reccie in July August (i know it wont be sunny and will rain but school holidays and fines needs must)..... we are staying in Jindalee and will be traveling around exploring and looking forward to the time before moving on to Sydney for the 3rd part of our trip. Our children are currently 6, girl and 4, boy. We are still in the very early stages as looking at moving in the form of looking into visa's and the process and saving some more pennies to help fund the move. Myself i am and Health Informatics Performance Analyst and am aware that i need to do a skills test and wondered if anyone have done one in the UK and when would you look at doing one now or wait nearer the time? ( i would be applying for a skilled visa) My wife is a home maker working part time in retail but is also a qualified nursery nurse. One of our children is adopted has anyone had to complete the visa for children adopted please? We would like to bring our 2 dalmations with us and wondered what vaccinations they would require please? Is there a friendly LGBT culture and places to meet with like minded people and families well that it basically in a nut shell if anyone can think of anything to do in Perth's winter would also be helpful please thank you in advance xxx :-)