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  1. Hi Everyone! I am a UK qualified electrician who is looking for an opportunity to complete my A grade electrical licence under general supervision. This involves, completing my E-profiling log book and only needing to finish "on the job practical section". I believe I am skilled and competent in all aspects of electrical maintenance and installation and require a chance to prove and show my capabilities in Perth. Is there anyone here who can help? If there is please contact me and I can send you my resume, cover letter and Licence. Thanks Prez
  2. Hi Everyone! My name is Jaymini and my husbands Prez. We are originally from Leicester. We have been in Perth for four years and live in Ballajura. We are both British Indian and no kids, aged 33. We were born in U.K. and moved to Perth as my husband is an electrician and myself a scientist! The reason I am posting here is because we feel so lonely and need to make new friends that enjoy eating and drinking and generally just relaxing. Its been very difficult to meet other couples in general although we do have work friends! hIm hoping there are some people out there keen to meet up snd socialise with us! We are easy going and just don't want to feel so lonely on weekends! Thanks Jay
  3. Making new friends in Perth

    Hi The writer and mwjw That would be nice? Where are you based? Anytime for a coffee whoever your free! I'm based in Osborne park. This week would be nice! Not sure how to give you my number? Maybe we can add each other on FB?
  4. Missing home

    Hi louloubelle! I feel the same way! It's so lonely sometimes, even though work is good. If you need a chat or friend we could meet up for coffee! I'm happy to meet up with ppl that are homesick and in my situation x
  5. Making new friends in Perth

    Thanks Ali! Hoping to meet some new people on here and makes some long term friends! Hopefully this will work ! How are you? How long you been in perth?