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  1. Hi everyone, I am currently scoping properties to rent in advance of my arrival in Perth on 3rd December. We have found a couple of attractive options in Scarborough and Crawly but we’re concerned that the schools in Scarborough (Scarborough and Deanmore Primary schools) seem to be significantly inferior to Nedlands and Rosalie which are the options for the property we have seen in Crawley. Does anyone have any first hand experience of any of these schools and are the rankings that are posted online for 2016 accurate? Also, if anyone is likely to be selling any furniture or white goods in early December then please PM me. Looking forward to joining you all. Best regards Simon
  2. womble999

    Schools in Perth

    Thanks everyone for the feedback - that's very helpful. Yes i'm aware of needing to live in the catchment area and part of the reason for visiting is to get a feel for the area and relative value. I'm looking forward to heading out tomorrow - fingers crossed for the weather :-)
  3. womble999

    Schools in Perth

    Hi, My wife and I are looking to move to Perth in February. I am travelling to Perth on Friday (26th May) for a week with a friend in Cottesloe to do a final recce to visit some schools, clubs etc in order to try and inform our decision. I currently have appointments with North Cottesloe Primary School, Subiaco Primary School, Newborough Primary, Deanmore Primary School and Yuluma Primary School. I also plan to visit Shenton College as my daughter will soon be in secondary school. Does anyone have any useful perspectives on any of these schools and also about these areas in general. I have been to Perth before and really liked the Scarborough, Cottesloe and Subiaco areas. Also my son who will be 8 and my daughter 10 when we arrive like soccer and gymnastics respectively. My son currently plays for a local U-9 team (even though he is 7) and my daughter is a really keen gymnast and has recently won grade 5 in Lancashire. We have seen the grasshopper socceer schools and the GWA for gymnastics. Does anyone know if these would be suitable? Grateful in advance for any thoughts or comments? Kind regards Simon Simon
  4. womble999

    4 months in, our story so far...

    Hi Jen, Thanks for posting this, its a great account and really reassuring. My wife and I have been contemplating moving over for years. We have a permanent residency VISA which expires in February 2018 so I am flying out on Friday for a week to visit and research some schools to help us decide to make the move. Your post really does help us feel as though we can make a success of it. Congratulations. Kind regards Simon
  5. Hi, Congratulations on passing the 10 year mark in Perth. I have only just joined the board as part of starting to plan to come over later this year - before our permant residency visa expires. I am hoping to find work as a Project Manager (IT) in the city but was wondering whether you could help me narrow down my search of areas. I am looking for a decent school for my 7 year old and 10 year old and preferably somewhere with decent transport links ideally not too far from the coast or the river. Are there any suburbs would you suggest I start looking at? When I visited a few years ago I stayed in Scarborough and visited friends in Cottesloe but believed they were quite expensive. I liked the vibe in Subiaco but don't really know whether that would be a suitable place to live? Grateful for any ideas and suggestions. Kind regards Simon
  6. womble999


    Hi everyone, I've just joined. My wife and I already have permant reisdency visas which expire in Feb 2018 so we are looking at making the move to Perth later this year. I am an IT Programme manager and my wife is a finance manage \ accountant and we have 2 children - a son of 7 and a daughter who is 9. I am looking at coming to Perth in May to do a final recce of areas and scholls and so I am just starting to research everything from schools, areas, jobs etc - all the important stuff! This looks a fantastic site and I hope to make some friends on here and share stories. Best wishes Simon