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    Wanted : Jobs in WA

    Thank you for the info. We have been looking through seek as well as gumtree and found a few jobs. We haven't thought to look into hostels, but we have looked at Hays website and couldn't find much.
  2. mattxkearns

    Wanted : Jobs in WA

    Hello everyone, me and my partner are currently 30 minutes south of Perth center and looking for any kind of labor work pretty much anywhere in WA (for up to 6 months). We have our own transport an are ready to begin working asap. Were both outdoors people who aren't scared of long days or tough work as we both enjoy pushing ourselves beyond the limit in every aspect of our lives. We are preferably looking for a job that will provide us with our second year visa but are happy to take anything for the time being. We both have military training backgrounds and both take part in airsoft as a hobby which is a military simulation sport. This sport usually consists of games, similar to paintball but for extended periods of time (24-36 hours) with all the gear a soldier would carry (in excess of 25kg) so we are no strangers to working hard. We both have over a years experience in hospitality and customer service as well as Beth having over 2 years restaurant experience and myself having over a years shop/warehouse experience. If anyone has any work avalible they think would suit us or know anyone that does, please dont hesitate to contact us Thanks, Matt and Beth