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    Visa / Work advice for over 45's

    Thanks very much for your prompt advice, I will try Go Matilda :-)
  2. Peter from Cumbria

    Visa / Work advice for over 45's

    Hi, We are wanting to move to Perth or perhaps another city in Australia. I am 47 my wife is 40 and we have two children who live with us they are 14 and 13, our eldest son is 21 and lives in Perth on a student visa. We are looking for advice regarding if we would be best contacting an immigration agent to help us and if so can anybody please advise on a good one as there seems to be so many out there that may just want our money! I am a project construction manager and a time served joiner by trade, my wife is a qualified safety adviser and also a qualified advice and guidance expert. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Peter