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    TRBWA processing time

    So TRBWA application confirmed. Nicely followed by an invoice for membership fees! To those looking to apply with TRBWA - make sure you ask your university for a letter that confirm your supervised teaching practice hours. Even though your certificate and academic transcript may mention STP, TRBWA want an actual signed letter from the uni confirming the hours. In terms of certifying documents - follow the TRBWA guidance on their website. They want the original certified copy (ie the one someone has signed for you). You can hand delivery this or send it by mail. Once they receive your application they will usually respond in the first week if they need anything further. Good luck to others!
  2. dmuk

    Teaching in Perth

    Sorry to hijack this thread. I am interested in the process of finding casual/relief or part time roles in Perth? Is the most effective method to approach schools directly and register your interest? Are there any recommended agencies? What is the current market like? Is there a good or bad time of the year to register and find work?
  3. dmuk

    TRBWA processing time

    Thanks for the reply! What additional information did you provide? My partner has been asked to provide evidence of duration of course; and STP evidence. Odd that certificates and transcripts from major UK university are not enough? To confirm, is a PGCE plus Postgraduate in Education adequate qualifications for TRB WA (4 years equivalent)? I can't seem to find any clear guidance on this part.
  4. dmuk

    TRBWA processing time

    What did they request? And how long after you submitted your application did they contact you?
  5. dmuk

    TRBWA.....for dummies!!

    *bump* Any updates on the current application process? What education qualifications did you hold and how did you check they would be acceptable & equivalent? What evidence did you have to prove your 45 standard teaching practice? What questions (if any) did TRBWA come back with?
  6. Not wanting to hijack the thread but I am curious in the same thing. I have read a few older threads on this forum but can any advise on the latest process for teaching in WA? How does one get their 100 days experience? Can one work with the 'limited registration' option offered by TRB?